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    Tudor Beasts The Tudor Dragon Coins

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    The Royal Mint launched its Tudor Beasts Series of bullion coins in 2021. This collection offers an immediate follow-up to the previous Queens Beasts Series. While the latter focused on the breadth of heraldic beasts from English heraldry, the former focused on the heraldic beasts used by the House of Tudor to legitimize and solidify its claim to the throne of England. In the 6th overall release, the Tudor Dragon debuts to offer a connection to the Tudor’s Welsh heritage.

    Tudor Dragon Design

    With its sixth design in the series, The Royal Mint depicts the Red Dragon of Wales in a seated position. The winged dragon looks to the left of the coin’s design field and uses its powerful front claws to hold a shield with a portcullis design.

    Tudor Dragon History

    The Red Dragon of Wales held significant importance for the Tudor Dynasty, serving as a powerful symbol of their Welsh heritage and claim to the English throne. Henry Tudor, who became King Henry VII, deliberately embraced this emblem to emphasize his connection to the legendary King Arthur and the ancient British rulers. By incorporating the Red Dragon into his standard alongside the white greyhound of Richmond, Henry VII sought to legitimize his reign and unite the English and Welsh peoples under Tudor rule. This strategic use of symbolism helped consolidate Tudor power during a tumultuous period in English history.

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