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    JM Bullion Silver

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    Branded Silver from JM Bullion

    Buying silver rounds is one of the easiest ways to purchase quality silver with .999 purity without worrying about limited mintages or high premiums. The most common forms of silver that are available with reasonable premiums include silver bars and silver rounds. As one of America’s largest authorized dealers, JM Bullion is proud to offer up its own JM Bullion-themed bars and rounds for purchase.

    First issued in August 2016, our 1 oz silver round led the way and was closely followed the next year with the issuance of our first-ever silver bar. Today, JM Bullion offers three different choices for those precious metal enthusiasts who not only love to buy silver, but also those who love to buy their silver online with JM Bullion!

    JM Bullion Silver Rounds

    In August 2016, JM Bullion was proud to mark its continued growth five years into its existence with the release of its first-ever branded piece of silver for sale. The 1 oz JM Bullion Eagle Silver Round was issued with the rounds packaged inside of individual protective flips or JM Bullion-branded plastic tubes containing a total of 20 rounds in all. The design of the JM Bullion silver round was simple, yet powerful.

    On the obverse of the round. you’ll find the JM Bullion logo in the center. It includes a large “JM” in the very center of the design field, with the bottom of the “J” stretching down in front of the word “Bullion” which is listed just below the letter “M.” Around the central design field is an outer rim with a radial sunburst background and engravings of “999+ Fine Silver” along the top and “One Troy Ounce” along the bottom. There are also two stars in the design field, one situated centrally on either side.

    The reverse side of the 1 oz JM Bullion Eagle Silver Round is the image of a stoic and imposing American bald eagle. The eagle is featured in a slight left-profile relief with a half-circle containing 11 stars situated above its head. To the left of the eagle as you view the design field is the company logo for JM Bullion with engravings around the outer rim again featuring the purity, metal content, and weight of the round along with the two central stars on either side of the design field.

    More recently JM Bullion has introduced a new 2 oz JM Bullion Silver Round. It is available as of 2018 and features the same designs on both sides found on the original 1 oz JM Bullion Eagle Silver Round. Both rounds come with a reverse-proof like finish which lends a strong, frosted matte visual to the background field and a deeply-mirrored, clear finish to the design elements. The 2 oz rounds are also available individually or in tubes of 10 rounds.

    JM Bullion Silver Bars

    Following the success of the 1 oz JM Bullion Eagle Silver Round’s release in 2016, JM Bullion offered the 10 oz JM Bullion Silver Bar as its first-ever silver bar for sale. The silver bars issued for JM Bullion featured a similar design element in the center of the bar’s obverse side. There is a circular design field at the top with the “JM Bullion” logo in the center and a series of stars surrounding it in a field of radial sunburst lines. Below the design field are engravings of “999 Fine Silver 10 Ounces.” The reverse side of the bar features the repeating pattern of the company name as “JM Bullion.” The inscriptions are set on a 45-degree angle and repeat throughout the bar with each of the “JM Bullion” engravings separated by a star.

    About JM Bullion

    Our company was founded on September 30, 2011, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It took this fledgling company less than one year to enjoy its first-ever $100,000 sales day, and this was a point in time where our firm was still a two-man operation! In recent years, JM Bullion has relocated to Dallas, Texas to take advantage of an employment talent pool of some 7.1 million residents in the DFW region. In the years since relocating to Dallas, JM Bullion has reached 500,000 total customers and enjoyed recognition for its success by the likes of Inc. 500 and Internet Retailer.

    If you have any questions about these exciting JM Bullion products, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team. You can reach us on the phone at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or email us directly.