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    JM Bullion Mystery Box
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    JM Bullion Mystery Box – What Will You Discover?

    Taking the leap to finally invest in precious metals is a big step. However, there is a plethora of choices out there. Gold coins, silver rounds, and more. Are you having trouble figuring out where to start your precious metals journey? At JM Bullion, we’ve got you covered.

    Introducing the JM Bullion Mystery Box. Each mystery box is packed with high-quality items, ranging from coins to rounds to bars, minted from government-backed mints, as well as top private mints. Learn more about what you can discover inside of these Mystery Boxes, right here at JM Bullion.

    What’s Inside a JM Bullion Mystery Box?

    With your purchase of a JM Bullion Mystery Box, discover the thrill of being a little kid, and opening a present for your birthday again. Each JM Bullion Mystery Box has been curated by our team of experts to make sure that you receive top-quality items. Furthermore, no two mystery boxes are alike. Each box contains an array of products, ranging from coins, rounds, and bars to potentially rare and even sold-out items.

    However, there are similarities from box to box:

    • Each box will contain at least 1 gold item ranging from 1/2 gram to 1 gram. This could mean you find a 1/2 Gram Somalian Gold Elephant Coin inside of your box, a piece of gold from one of the most well-known coin programs on the market.
    • Each box will include a minimum of 10 Troy oz of silver content. This means you could receive coins such as the American Silver Eagle, and the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, alongside silver rounds from some of the world’s most respected private mints. The possibilities are endless!
    • Each box will consist of at least 1 certified gold or silver item. A certified item is a product that has been professionally graded by either the PCGS or the NGC. But that’s not all. This certified specimen will have a grade of at least 69 out of 70 on the Sheldon Numeric Scale.
    • Each box is fixed at $499.99!

    Every box has the potential to contain something rare, limited, or even sold out. That’s why each box will also contain an insert that details the contents of each box. This way, you know exactly what you have inside of each JM Bullion Mystery Box.

    The surprises though, keep on coming. Upon opening your JM Bullion Mystery Box, some items will be in their original mint packaging, while others will be sealed in stunning gold or blue foil bags.

    Ordering JM Bullion Mystery Boxes

    Questions about JM Bullion Mystery Boxes? Contact our customer service team today. We can be of assistance via email, through our online chat feature, or by giving us a call at 1-800-276-6508. Our Payment Methods page is also available for quick answers to payment questions.