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    JBR Silver Bullion at JM Bullion

    The precious metals industry has experienced a growth in the number of private mints and refineries in recent years seeking a greener footprint within the industry. In order for the market to continue to meet the demands of investors seeking gold, silver, and platinum, more than direct mining will have to take place to ensure a reliable supply of precious metals. JBR Recovery is not only ensuring that the gap in the supply chain remains plugged, but it is also producing quality silver bullion pieces of its own for investors and collectors. 

    Cast JBR Silver Bars

    Like many other mints, JBR Recovery offers simple cast silver bars to investors. These bars are produced using traditional casting methods and the resulting product has a classic shape with rustic visual appeal. Cast silver bars typically have designs or inscriptions on just one side, with all markings stamped incuse into the surface of the bar rather than being engraved onto the surface with 3D relief. In the case of JBR cast silver bars, the markings include the basic JBR logo with the weight, purity, and metal content noted.

    Minted Ingots

    JBR also offers more refined minted ingots. To be clear, its minted ingots and cast silver bars boast the same silver purity, but the minted ingots tend to have more attention to detail when it comes to the design elements. The overall look and feel of the bars offer visual contrast compared to cast bars. Minted ingots tend to have sharply defined edges, smooth surfaces, and come with varying styles of design strikes and inscriptions. One example of a JBR silver minted ingot comes from its Icons of Britain Series.

    Icons of Britain Series

    JBR’s leading design series, to date, is the Icons of Britain. This series features the JBR Recovery Ltd. logo on one side of the products, with various hieroglyphic-style icons on the other side. These icons capture well-known symbols of British life and the British people. These include, but are not limited to, symbols like a soccer ball, teacups, members of the Royal Guard, a Bobby helmet, and others. So far, the Icons of Britain Series offers a 1 oz silver round and two weights in minted ingots.

    About JBR Recovery Ltd.

    JBR Recovery Ltd. is a precious metals recovery processor that recovers silver, gold, and PGM metals from recycled sources to produce bullion products for the precious metals retail industry. As a major supplier of silver in the United Kingdom, JBR Recovery delivers LBMA Good Delivery bars and is recognized as one of only two companies of its kind in the United Kingdom delivering Good Delivery silver bars to the London Bullion Market.

    Invest in JBR Silver with JM Bullion

    We encourage you to contact JM Bullion customer service if you have any questions about the silver products from JBR Recovery. You can call us at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or email us directly. If you have questions about our payment methods, please feel free to visit our Payment Methods page. Here, you will find a range of information on acceptable forms of payment, applicable minimums and maximums, and any available discounts.