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    1/2 oz Silver Engravable Golf Ball Marker Round
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    2023 1 oz Amor Fati Silver Round (New)
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    1 oz Jersey Devil Silver Round (New)
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    1 oz Sacred Heart Silver Round (New)
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    2022 1 oz Niue Silver Molon Labe Coin (Type I, BU)
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    2022 1 oz Niue Silver Molon Labe Coin (Type II, BU)
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    The Silver Rounds of the Intaglio Mint

    Silver rounds are produced exclusively by private minting facilities. A silver round is a similar investment to silver bars but has a format reflective of silver coinage. The primary difference is the fact that silver rounds have no official face value. Buying silver rounds is ideal for both investors and collectors. Most silver rounds contain at least .999 pure silver and feature brilliant designs, in many cases, you won’t find on silver coins.

    The Intaglio Mint understands the appeal of silver rounds to collectors in particular. Silver Rounds from the Intaglio Mint are available in 1 oz silver and 2 oz silver. The designs available from the Intaglio Mint that you’ll find in the JM Bullion catalog come from various collections at Intaglio, but all of them are crafted with a love of precious metals in mind.

    About the Intaglio Mint

    The Intaglio Mint is a private minting facility located in Waco, Texas which opened in 2010. The mint is the definition of a small business, with just three full-time employees bringing their love of precious metals to life on silver rounds, tokens, and medallions. Intaglio Mint is different than other mints, even other so-called “boutique” mints because the team there views their work as a labor of love. They manufacture silver to commemorate events, places, and people from history. Each piece is carefully designed and crafted with beauty in mind so it will be a memorable keepsake that lasts for generations.

    Molon Labe Series

    Among the series of silver rounds available from Intaglio Mint, the most impressive might by the Molon Labe Series. This collection of silver rounds is available with 1 oz silver options and 2 oz silver options, each of which comes in Brilliant Uncirculated versions and antique polished versions. The BU versions of the rounds are all packaged inside of individual protective flips, regardless of weight, and inside of mint tubes of 20 for 1 oz rounds and 10 for 2 oz rounds.

    The phrase Molon Labe comes from the Ancient Greeks and was muttered by King Leonidas before the start of the Battle of Thermopylae. When offered a chance to surrender and live, if he submitted to Persian rule, he instead responded that the Persians could “come and take them” from his Spartan warriors. The designs in the Molon Labe Series focus on the famous battle at the Hot Gates and depict different scenes:

    • Type I: In the first design, a Spartan warrior is featured in right-profile relief wearing his helmet and cape with a spear tip visible in his hand. The background field has a design strip depicting scenes from the battle.
    • Type II: Defiant Spartan warriors form their formidable phalanx to protect one another in battle. The phalanx relied on the strength of each individual man by interlocking their shields in the front row to protect each other from head to ankle, while the second row lifted their shields overhead to protect against arrow volleys.
    • Type III: The Persian Army was numerically superior to the Greeks by more than 100,000 soldiers. The Persians, not want to risk bodies at first, promised an arrow volley that would block out the sun. One of Leonidas’ soldiers famously remarked at this threat “won’t it be nice then that we’ll have shade to fight in.” In this design, arrows rain down on dead Persian soldiers as a Spartan warrior takes a knee to shield himself from the arrows.
    • Type IV: The Persians continued to unleash various waves of attacks on the Greeks during the three-day battle in an effort to dislodge them from the pass. The most formidable of those was the war elephant. A number of war elephants charge the Greek lines in this design as one Spartan stands tall to thrust a spear at the giant beasts.

    All of the rounds in this collection share the same reverse design field. Here, the Intaglio Mint’s “I” logo is set in the center with an immediate background field that contains radial sunbursts. The very outer edge of the design field includes the name of the mint with the weight, purity, and metal content and has a stippled, or hammered, background field.

    Gargoyles of the World

    One of the newest collections from Intaglio Mint is the Gargoyles of the World. The Gargoyles of the World series features different obverse designs for each round focusing on these architectural adornments that are found on temples and churches the world over. Unlike other collections, this series is available only with 2 oz silver rounds in Brilliant Uncirculated and antique versions. As such, these 2 oz rounds are available individually inside of protective flips or tubes of 10 rounds. Available designs in the series include:

    • Type I: The first release features a gargoyle from the outer edifice of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, France. There are many interpretations of gargoyles when used on the exterior of churches. This particular gargoyle looks out over the city toward the Eiffel Tower in the distance. Some believe gargoyles represent the evil outside the church, juxtaposed against the sanctity and safety of the interior. This gargoyle reflects that belief with his resemblance to the devil, featuring long horns on its head and the beard of a goat on its chin.
    • Type II: Notre Dame de Paris features again in the second release, this time with a less intimidating gargoyle from the building’s exterior. This gargoyle seems bored with the views of Paris as it rests its head in its hands. It is even featured sticking its tongue out. Though it seems bored, this gargoyle has actually made its way into literature over the centuries and is believed to enjoy eating human flesh.

    The reverse side of all of the rounds in the Gargoyles of the World Series features the same design elements. The background field resembles the window frame of a gothic-inspired stained-glass window with the words “Gargoyles of the World” inscribed. On top of the “O” in “Gargoyles” is another of the creatures perched as you might expect to see on a building.

    From the Heart of Texas

    Befitting its home operations in Waco, Texas, the Intaglio Mint issued a 1 oz silver and 2 oz silver round with images straight from the history of the Great State of Texas. The 1 oz Texas Come and Take It Silver Round recalls the events surrounding the Battle of Gonzales. Texas was originally part of Spain and later Mexico, but by 1835 Texans had had their fill of living under Mexican rule. The people of Gonzales had a canon they refused to turn over to the Mexican Army and famously told Mexican troops if they wanted the canon, “it’s over there, come and take it!”

    The obverse of the Come and Take It Silver Round features a modified version of the seal of the Great State of Texas, with engravings of “The Great State of Texas” and the round’s weight, purity, and metal content. On the reverse is the image of the Gonzales canon and the phrase “Come and Take It.” There is also a Lone Star of Texas above the canon.

    Another example of Intaglio’s Texas pride comes in the form of the 2 oz Texas Ranger Wagon Wheel Badge Silver Round. Proving that everything is bigger in Texas, this round is a 2 oz silver blank that includes a replica of the Texas Rangers badge on the obverse. The reverse side includes the Rings of Serpents of the Aztecs which featured on Mexican 5 Peso pieces which were used as the blank for production of the first Texas Rangers badges in 1889.

    Latin Allure Series

    The debut issue from the Latin Allure Series at the Intaglio Mint featured the famed Latin phrase “memento mori.” This saying was famously uttered to Roman generals returning from battle to a hero’s welcome, reminding them that even they were not immune to death and could find themselves meeting an untimely end without seeing it coming. The design includes the image of a human skull on the obverse of the round with an hourglass at the 6-o’clock position on the design and a crowned skull at the 12-o’clock position.

    On the reverse of the round is the inevitable death awaiting even the greatest general. A deathly figure rides forward on a deadly steed ready to collect souls whether they are ready to go or not. The words “Carpe Diem,” or seize the day, is included on this face of the round.

    Presidential Tribute Series

    The Intaglio Mint also offers silver rounds reflecting the many men who have held the office of President of the United States. President Abraham Lincoln is viewed by many as one of the nation’s greatest presidents and is viewed as a protector of the Union built by President George Washington and the other Founding Fathers. This design includes the effigy of President Abraham Lincoln on the obverse with engravings of “In God We Trust” and “Liberty” which are similar to those of the US penny.

    On the reverse of the 2 oz Abraham Lincoln Eagle Silver Round is a powerful depiction of the heraldic eagle of the United States. It stands atop a rocky cliff with the national shield in its grasp while also holding an olive branch and the arrows of war. It clutches a ribbon in its beak that includes the phrase “E Pluribus Unum” and the rounds’ weight, purity, and metal content.

    Colonial Tribute Series

    The silver rounds for sale in this unique collection reflect some of the coinage designs circulating in the United States when it was a mere colony of the British Empire and during its fledgling days as an independent nation. For example, the 2 oz Virginia Shilling Silver Round reflects the design of the original Virginia Shilling coin. Introduced in 1774, the Virginia Shillings was the only coinage legally authorized for production and distribution by the American colonies in the British Empire.

    The designs of the original Virginia Shilling was based upon the gold guinea of the British Empire. The reverse of the round includes the Crowned Arms of Virginia, a coat of arms used on the silver shillings issued in 1774. The obverse includes the right-profile portrait of King George III, the man whose rule of Great Britain included the British Army’s loss to the Continental Army and the independence of the new United States of America.

    As another example, there is the 2 oz Continental Dollar Silver Round. These rounds reflect the first currency design issued by the American Colonies as they moved toward independence from the British Empire. The Continental Congress issued Continental Dollars throughout the Revolutionary War to attempt to offset the need for British currency in maintaining commercial activity in the colonies.

    On the obverse of the Continental Dollar Silver Rounds is the image of the sun’s rays shining down on a sundial. A popular phrase used in the era of “Mind Your Business” is engraved along with a border that reads “Continental Currency 1776.” The reverse of 2 oz Continental Dollar Silver Rounds, you’ll find a chain of 13 circles with the names of the American Colonies the rebelled to form the United States. In the center are the words “We Are One.”

    Silver Bugs Series

    Perhaps the largest series of silver rounds from the Intaglio Mint is the Silver Bug Collection. These 2 oz silver rounds are high-relief blanks with radial sunbursts on the obverse and reverse sides of both rounds, and a shared reverse design that includes the Intaglio Mint logo. The reverse design includes a Romanesque column in the shape of an “I,” with engravings around it of “Intaglio Mint” and “Est. 2010.” There is also a stippled border around this design, with the outer design field including “Two Troy Ounces and .999 Fine Silver” with two lightning bolts on the sides at 3-o’clock and 9-o’clock positions.

    The obverse side of each round varies in design. The entire series is a clever twist on the Silverbugs, the name of an online community of silver enthusiasts who connect on Reddit to share their thoughts on new silver coin designs and review the process of shopping with various authorized dealers. The Silverbugs earned recognition in 2014 when silver rounds were introduced with their own Ariana the Silverbug design, and this Intaglio Mint series focuses on the desire among this group and others for beautiful, silver collectibles. The designs in the Intaglio Mint Silver Bug Collection include, in order of release:

    • Scarab Beetle: The scarab bug was central to Ancient Egyptian mythology and was often worshipped by ordinary Egyptians.
    • Lady Bug: The ladybird beetle is the species which is commonly referred to as the ladybug, and is known for its red body with black spots.
    • Rhinoceros Beetle: The rhinoceros beetle is a member of the subfamily of the scarab beetles.
    • Giant Longhorn Beetle: The longhorn beetle is one of the largest insects in the world, with males growing to an average of 13 to 14 cm in length, not including the mandibles that give it a frightful appearance.
    • Stag Beetle: This design includes the stag beetle, a member of a species that includes more than 1,200 beetle types in total.
    • Goliath Beetle: The largest beetle in the world by length and weight, with males averaging 4.3 inches in length and weighing as much as 3.5 ounces.

    Buy Intaglio Mint Silver Rounds from JM Bullion

    You’ll find these beautiful silver rounds from Intaglio Mint at JM Bullion. If you have any questions when buying silver rounds, you can reach out to us at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, and via our email address.