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    Atlantis Mint

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    Atlantis Mint

    The Atlantis Mint is a family owned and operated business which mints silver bullion products in the United States. Its industry experience and family based operation gives it insider knowledge on the sale of high-quality bullion products while serving both serious investors and small-time buyers by providing them with low prices. The mint is probably most well-known for their use of hand-pouring to mint their bars. They offer a wide range of design options using poured silver bullion bars.

    Product Offering

    As one of the leading refiners of non-precious metals, Atlantis Mint works with copper, bronze, titanium, brass, zinc, tin, stainless steel, nickel, and iron, as well as gold and silver. Their products are available in round and bar form, with bars being one of their most popular offerings. The most popular size of bars that they make are the 1, 5, and 10 ounce bars.

    Specialty Hand-Poured Bars

    Hand-poured bars are the particular specialty of the Atlantis Mint, all of which are stamped with their seal. These high-quality bullion products are particularly of interest to both collectors and investors, as hand-poured bars are a sign of quality across both interest levels. Hand poured bars show the unique and natural characteristics of silver compared to pressed bars. The hand pouring process that is used by Atlantis to mint silver bars gives each bar its own unique characteristics.

    Unique Bar Designs

    Several different designs are available, including a dragon, lion, and skull and crossbones. Some specialty bars are available, including the Alien Head design – a hand poured design made to look like an alien head – and the Liberty Eagle, another hand poured design in the profile of a bald eagle.

    There are also two collections available for those looking to buy in sets: The Zodiac collection, which has each bar stamped with a different symbol of the Zodiac, and the Seven Wonders collection, with each bar representing a different wonder of the world. These are great for collectors looking to expand their precious metals portfolio in a unique way.

    Silver Round Designs

    Atlantis also offers rounds that come in different designs. These are great for collectors looking for something out of the ordinary. Presidential rounds are stamped with the visage of former presidents, including Coolidge, Hoover, Kennedy, and Clinton. Other designs include the iconic buffalo/Indian head, Panner/Prospector, and Walking Liberty/American Eagle.

    Mint History

    Incorporated in 2012, this mint has become a forerunner in specialty products, hand-poured bars and rounds, and quality of stock since its inception. It offers a large selection of metals in different sizes, perfect for customers looking to expand their precious metals portfolio. Sizes start as small as 1 gram and go up to 1 kilogram, which allows customers at different interest levels in collecting the ability to pick the perfect size for their budget and collection. Its spot over premium has been historically low, making the company popular among collectors and investors who are looking to expand their precious metal portfolio as economically as possible.

    Atlantis Mint has a reputation for scrupulously following industry standards, making sure the weights of all its products are clearly indicated and providing customers with exactly weighed products. The company's commitment to low premium over spot has earned it the reputation of being a fair seller, and the quality of its product is easy to see, especially with its hand poured bars.


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