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    Be There as Britannia and Germania Meet for the First Time

    Posted on August 09, 2019

    A new collection of silver rounds seeks to introduce numismatists to the allegories that represent various peoples and cultures around the world. The aptly named Allegories Series from the Germania Mint includes designs of the female personifications for various nations around the world, each one paired with the personification of Germany and the German people: Germania. For the first release, the Germania Mint has teamed Germania up with a personification that investors and collectors are already familiar with: Britannia. Let’s take a closer look at the new silver rounds in the Allegories Series from the Germania Mint!

    The Allegories Series – First Release

    The 2019 Germania The Allegories Britannia & Germania Silver Rounds are available with distinctive, one-of-a-kind obverse and reverse designs expertly crafted by the Germania Mint. On the obverse side of The Allegories Britannia & Germania Silver Rounds, the female personifications of Britain and Germany meet for the first time ever on a silver bullion product. A new vision of Britannia graces these silver rounds. Her powerful figure is depicted standing with her back toward Germania and casting a cautious glance over her shoulder.

    Britannia wears her long dress with a Roman helmet on her head that includes a towering plume. Her signature trident, which allows her to control the seas and speaks to her nation’s historic maritime dominance, rests in her right arm. Britannia’s shield with the Union Jack’s cross of St. George on it rests at her side. Britannia’s left arm is raised toward her chin as she sizes up Germania.

    On the right side of the design field, Germania approaches Britannia and offers her right hand in a welcoming gesture as she makes contact with Britannia’s shoulder. Germania offers a peaceful overture in this design. Though she wears her armor, her sword rests in its scabbard on her left hip while her left hand rests atop her shield at her side. She is featured with a laurel crown on her head as well. Germania’s shield bears the Bicephalous eagle, a double-headed eagle popular in Roman mythology and used by the German Empire in its coat of arms.

    The reverse side of 2019 Germania The Allegories Britannia & Germania Silver Rounds includes a coat of arms design created by the Germania Mint. As Germania is not a modern nation, the mint created a coat of arms reflective of Germania’s past. Here, a quartered shield is crowned and is surrounded by oak leaves.

    Details in the Reverse Design

    The Germania Mint’s creation of a coat of arms on the reverse encompasses a variety of design elements that are often used in heraldry, many reflecting shared principles and noble values of humanity on a grander scale. Here is a breakdown of some of the meanings behind the crowned shield, its quadrant designs, and the oak wreath:

    • The oak wreath around the design field symbolizes loyalty, stability, and national unity.
    • A shield and crown, apart, represent symbols of truth, faithfulness, and trust (shield), as well as nobility and chivalry (crown). The crowned shield together is a common design in heraldry related directly to monarchs.
    • The top left quadrant features the Bicephalous eagle, with the heads looking in different directions to symbolize one eye on the past and one on the future.
    • The top right quadrant includes a checkered pattern that refers to wisdom and prudence, something people always hope for in a leader.
    • In the bottom left quadrant is a gold ribbon with three flowers, symbolizing unity, integrity, and freedom.
    • Finally, the bottom right quadrant offers the image of a wild boar as a symbol of mightiness and power.

    Mintage and Packaging Details

    The three silver rounds available in The Allegories Britannia & Germania release include 1 oz silver, 2 oz silver, and 5 oz silver options. Each of the silver rounds includes .9999 pure silver content, with the Germania Mint assigned face values of 5 Germania Mark, 10 Germania Mark, and 25 Germania Mark respectively. Packaging for the silver rounds is slightly different based upon the weight.

    The 1 oz Britannia & Germania Silver Round is offered inside of a protective capsule and a presentation box from the Germania Mint. The 2 oz and 5 oz Britannia & Germania Silver Rounds are available individually inside of protective plastic capsules. All three versions come with a Certificate of Authenticity from the Germania Mint. Mintage figures for the different weights include:

    • 1 oz: 25,000 rounds
    • 2 oz: 2,500 rounds
    • 5 oz: 500 rounds

    Get Your New Allegories Series Silver Rounds from JM Bullion

    If you’re ready to start your Allegories Series collection, there’s no better place to do that than with the first release in the series. The Britannia & Germania design is now available from JM Bullion and you can contact us at 800-276-6508 with any questions, or connect with us online using our live chat and email address features. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for daily information and read the blog each Friday for greater detail on new releases!

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