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    MintSealed from JM Bullion

    What Does MintSealed Mean?

    MintSealed is JM Bullion’s distinctive approach to ensuring the products you buy with this seal come to you in the exact same condition as when each one left the mint of origin. All JM Bullion MintSealed Tubes are taken from Monster Boxes containing coins such as the American Silver Eagle. Each individual tube is sealed with the MintSealed label, letting you know that the coins inside have never been touched or disturbed in any way.

    How Does MintSealed Work?

    The MintSealed process at JM Bullion begins when Monster Boxes arrive at our vaults. Our team members carefully remove each of the individual tubes within the Monster Box. These tubes are inspected and sealed with the JM Bullion MintSealed sticker, ensuring that the coins you receive remain undisturbed. The MintSealed tamper-evident sticker assures you that each tube has never been opened and it includes the name, date mark, weight, and purity of the coins, as well as a unique QR code. Using any QR scanning app or computer scanner, you can learn more about your JM Bullion MintSealed product.