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    Buying Gold and Silver in Indianapolis, Indiana

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    Indianapolis, the 13th largest city in the US and most populated city in Indiana, has a number of highly regarded coin dealers. As tourism is an important aspect of the cities economy, many people visit its coin shops each year. On this page we’ll go over some of the most popular gold and silver dealers in the area, as well as talk about the bullion sales tax rates.

    Bullion Sales Tax in Indianapolis, IN

    According to Indiana Sales Tax Information Bulletin #50 (, Indiana does not charge taxes on coins, legal tender, and bullion.

    Local Gold and Silver Dealers in Indianapolis, IN

    Listed below are some of the top coin shops in Indianapolis.

    Midwest Jewelry and Coin Exchange

    Midwest Jewelry and Coin has been family owned and operated for more than two decades. As one of Indiana’s largest gold and silver buyers, they specialize in buying and selling gold, silver, jewelry, watches, and coins. The Midwest Coin selection focuses on precious metals. Their coin inventory includes rare coins, graded coins, silver dollars, and gold and silver bullion coins.

    (317) 844-9596
    1340 E 86th St
    Indianapolis, IN 46240

    Universal Gold & Silver

    Universal Gold & Silver specializes in buying and selling precious metals including coins, jewelry, and bullion. For more than 25 years, they have served Indianapolis coin collectors and previous metal investors. Their coin and currency selection includes all forms of gold and silver coinage and bullion. They carry U.S. coins, silver dollars, 90% silver coinage, proof and mint sets, and foreign coins. Some of the many bullion coins sold here include American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, and Chinese Pandas. Universal Gold & Silver also offers numismatic collectibles, such as commemorative coins and PCGS and NGC graded coins. In addition to their large retail store, Universal also sells coins though their eBay store.

    (317) 351-1900
    4320 E. 10th Street
    Indianapolis, IN 46201

    Indy West Coins LLC

    Indy West Coins buys and sells U.S. coins and bullion products. Their selection includes high-grade, key date U.S. coins, as well as popular gold and silver bullion coins. Whether you are a collector of rare coins or a precious metal investor, Indy West is here to serve you. Much of their inventory can be found online; their storefront offers an even larger selection. In particular, Indy West Coins is known for their offering of high-grade silver dollars. They also carry 40% and 90% silver U.S. coinage, gold bullion, Lincoln cents, buffalo nickels, quarters, proof and mint sets, and more. Indy West Coins is a PCGS and NGC authorized dealer, and also actively sells through eBay.

    (317) 837-9825
    1776 Valleywood Dr
    Avon, IN 46123

    Hoosier Gold Buyer

    Hoosier Gold Buyer buys all forms of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. The Hoosier coin shop serves the need of coin collectors and precious metal investors, with a wide selection of coins and bullion. They specialize in U.S., gold, and silver coins, and also carry a selection of foreign coins. Hoosier Gold Buyer purchases coins daily, so the inventory is always changing. They buy U.S. and world coins, proof and mint sets, commemorative coins, and gold and silver bullion. They offer free appraisals, as well as a coin counting service.

    (317) 702-2075
    5038 Kentucky Ave.
    Indianapolis, IN 46221

    Thank you for reading our guide to gold and silver buying in Indianapolis, IN. If you know of any other precious metals or coin shops in the Indianapolis area, please contact us so we can update our directory.