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    Buying Gold and Silver in Concord, California

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    Concord, the largest city in Contra Costa County, California, has several companies dealing in gold, silver, and collectible coins. Some businesses specialize in purchasing precious metals in a variety of shapes, including coins and jewelry. Others sell gold and silver items to collectors. Whether you want to buy or sell, it’s important to choose a reputable dealer that will give you a fair price.

    Here, we’ll look at some of Concord’s local gold, silver, and coin dealers. We’ll also discuss sales taxes that may affect whether you choose to buy precious metals from Concord dealers. The more information you have about your buying and selling options, the better prepared that you’ll be when you make your final decision.

    Gold and Silver Taxes in Concord, California

    For sales tax information related to precious metals sales in California, please refer to our analysis located here.

    Local Gold and Silver Dealers in Concord, California

    Below you will find a list that includes some of Concord’s top-rated coin shops and bullion dealers. Always use your best discretion when buying or selling valuable items.

    Camino Coin Company

    Camino Coin Company is a relatively small business with more than 50 years of experience dealing with coins and precious metals. The business frequently participates in numismatic shows in California and Nevada. The dealers occasionally travel to showcase their coins in New York, Chicago, and other major cities.

    Camino Coin Company is one of the most respected coin dealers in the Concord area. Camino conducts much of its business on the phone, as well as through trade shows. Area collectors who are serious about finding rare coins often turn to Camino Coin Company because it has a diverse selection.

    (800) 348-8001
    1301 Broadway Avenue
    Burlingame, CA 94010

    Clayton Jewelry and Loan

    Clayton Jewelry and Loan has more than 20 years of experience selling and buying bullion and numismatic coins in Contra Costa County. The business fills several roles for its customers, acting as a jeweler and a coin exchange. Clayton Jewelry and Loan buys and sells a wide range of products including silver dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars minted before 1964.

    The business has a selection of gold and silver coins for sale. It’s always interested in buying precious metals, as well as other select collectibles.

    (925) 825-6523
    4787-B Clayton Road
    Concord, CA 94521

    Martinez Coin & Jewelry Exchange

    Martinez Coin & Jewelry Exchange is a family owned and operated business that has been meeting the coin and jewelry needs of the Bay Area for more than 30 years. The dealer performs in-store appraisals on a variety of items, specializing in collectible coins and jewelry. It’s available to purchase unwanted gold and silver coins. It also has a collection of rare coins for sale that might interest local numismatics.

    Some customers feel that Martinez Coin & Jewelry Exchange offers an open, trusting atmosphere that lets them explore options before purchasing gold or silver items.

    (925) 318-1766
    3755 Alhambra Avenue, Suite 1
    Martinez, CA 94553

    Silver and Gold Cash For Gold

    Silver and Gold Cash For Gold in Concord buys gold and silver, as well as other valuable objects. The company has locations throughout California, two of which are located in Concord. In addition to about a dozen storefronts, Silver and Gold Cash For Gold provides buying and selling services to all California residents. It is a rapidly growing company with plans to open stores in all regions of the state.

    Some coins commonly bought and sold by the dealer include collectible and legal tender coins such as silver rounds, Chinese Pandas, American Eagles, and South African Krugerrands. The business buys scrap gold and silver, as well as coins.

    (925) 691-4868
    4436 Clayton Road #C
    Concord, CA 94520

    Thank you for visiting our guide to buying gold and silver in Concord, CA. If you know of any other local coin and/or bullion shops in the Concord area, please let us know so we can update our directory.