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    Buying Gold and Silver in Alabama

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    Alabama, or the “Heart of Dixie,” is one of the best places in the country to invest in previous metals, with gold being particularly popular here. Gold mining operations have been carried on throughout Alabama since the 1840s.

    Today, many Alabama investors seek out gold and silver as a stable investment. There are a number of highly regarded Alabama precious metal dealers, especially in Birmingham, Mobile, and Huntsville.

    Local Gold and Silver Dealers in AL

    If you are looking for coin shops in specific cities located in the state of Alabama be sure to check out our other local directory pages:

    Below is a list of local precious metals dealers in Alabama, including directions to each local shop.

    A.R. Akin Rare Coins & Currency

    With more than three decades of numismatic experience, Birmingham’s A.R. Akin offers a knowledgeable and helpful staff ready to assist beginning and experienced investors alike. This dealer has strong connections with dealers across the nation, aiding them in offering fair pricing and a wide selection. Their inventory is well-stocked in an effort to aid serious collectors.

    With many years of experience, A.R. Akin prides itself on upholding the highest standards of customer service. They are best known for their offerings of U.S. coins, bullion coins, and precious metal bars. They offer private consultations, and sales are conducted on an appointment basis, as their coins are kept stored in a vault. Do note that sales taxes in Birmingham are relatively high, at 10%.

    3536 Vann Rd
    Birmingham, AL 35235
    (205) 612-8541

    Mobile Bay Coins

    One of the largest gold dealers in Mobile, Alabama, they purchase and sell a wide range of gold, from relatively common bars and coins to unusual forms such as dental gold. Mobile Bay Coins is known for offering reasonable prices.

    They host a local radio show that attracts an audience of precious metal collectors and investors. Because Mobile does not charge a city sales tax, you’ll be paying the state sales tax rate of 4%, making Mobile coin shops some of the best places in Alabama to invest in gold and silver.

    2204 Government St
    Mobile, AL 36606
    (251) 725-1590

    Alabama Coin & Silver Co.

    Since 1975, Alabama Coin & Silver Co, owned by numismatic expert Charle Cataldo, has offered a wide selection of United States Eagles and international coins, paper currency, and other numismatic collectibles. Whether you are a new investor or seeking out one elusive coin to add to your collection, shop here for professional service and knowledgeable assistance. Huntsville does not charge any additional sales taxes for precious metals or coins, so you’ll only be paying the state rate of 4%.

    912 Bob Wallace Avenue Southwest
    Huntsville AL 35801
    (256) 536-0262

    Loop Coins

    A Mobile institution, Loop Coins has served Alabama coin collectors since 1963. With five decades of experience, Loop Coins is renowned for top-notch customer service, a high level of integrity and honesty, and a wide selection of coins and precious metals.

    Their employees go the extra mile, whether you are a first-time buyer or seasoned collector. Note that Mobile does not charge any additional sales taxes for precious metal purchases.

    3972 Government Boulevard
    Mobile, AL 36693
    (251) 661-2800

    Thank you for reading our guide to gold and silver buying in Alabama. If you know of any other coin or bullion shops in AL, please contact us so we can update our directory.