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    What happens if my order is lost in transit?

    All packages shipped by JM Bullion are covered by insurance subject to certain conditions.  In the unlikely event that your order is Lost in Transit, you need to contact us immediately.   Lost in Transit is defined for the USPS as tracking not having updated in 5 or more calendar days.  For UPS, it is 3 calendar days.  You must contact us within 7 days since last tracking for USPS and 3 days since last tracking for UPS.  If you do not contact us by these timeframes, insurance will not cover the package.

    Once you contact us, we research the shipment with the carrier and begin the claim process.  The claims process can take 30 or more days to resolve, and many Lost in Transit shipments end up getting delivered late.   If the package is delivered, you must notify us within 24 hours.

    See also Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions.

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