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    1962 Washington Quarter

    The Washington Quarter, as it was known from the early 1930s to the mid-1960s, was changed dramatically in 1965. Though the appearance of the coin seemed unaltered, the way in which the coin was made have been completely revamped. Now that there is no longer silver present in these quarters, those that were produced prior to 1965 are extremely desirable for both collectors and investors. Unfortunately, both categories of purchasers of these coins prefer to have them in excellent shape, but this is not always so easy to guarantee.

    In fact, as time moves forward it is only going to become more difficult for collectors to get their hands on coins that have been well-preserved.

    Grading the 1962 Washington Quarter

    With regard to the Washington Quarter, you will notice that prospective buyers do everything they can to find out more about the condition of the coin. From assessing the surface wear to actually feeling the coin, there is nothing collectors won’t do in order to ensure that they are getting the best, most well preserved coin.

    For most, the logical way to have the condition of a coin judged is to have it sent away for grading at the hands of a professional company. Knowing that not everyone has the time and money to have their coins sent away for grading, we have provided below an outline of the different coin grades and their associated characteristics.

    Uncirculated: A coin that is determined to be Uncirculated is one that never spent any time being exchanged on the open market. These coins will have retained much of their original shine and basically all of their original texture. Taking on the appearance of a coin that was just minted not all that long ago, these coins are the perfect addition to any collection new or old. Naturally, collectors love these coins more than any other.

    Extremely Fine: A coin deserving of an Extremely Fine grade is one that spent almost no time whatsoever in circulation. Through their short time in circulation, these coins will have incurred some damage, but not so much that it takes away from the aesthetic appeal of the coin. Collectors still love these pieces and are eager to add them to their collections.

    Fine: A Fine grade is given to coins that have been quite extensively circulated, but not so much that the coin was overly damaged. The most noticeable signs of wear and tear are surface wear such that the surface of the coin will be smooth to the touch. Apart from these small, yet noticeable signs of wear, these coins will appear to be in ok condition.

    Good: Good is the worst grade a coin can receive and is indicative of a coin that has seen its better days. The extent of damage you will find on these coins can range dramatically, but you will undoubtedly see a lot of surface damage and wear.

    Pricing the 1962 Washington Quarter

    When it comes to coins that are as old as the 1962 Washington Quarter, there are a few things you must pay attention to when trying to determine a price point. For one, the condition of the coin means a lot, and secondly, the exact type of quarter you own also affects the asking price. Listed below is a chart aimed at giving you a better idea of what you might be asked to pay for a Washington Quarter given its condition and type.

    1962 Washington Quarter

    1962 Washington Quarter N/A N/A $7 $8
    1962 Washington Quarter (D) N/A N/A $7 $8
    Source: Red Book

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