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    1959 Washington Quarter

    The Washington Quarter is one of the most iconic pieces of US coinage and is the apple of many investors’ eyes. First produced prior to the outbreak of World War II, the circulation of these coins continued until the days of the Vietnam War. Having been produced during such an important time in American history, it is easy to see why collectors are so eager to get their hands on these coins.

    For collectors, however, acquiring these pieces in excellent condition is something that is only going to grow more difficult as time moves forward. This is especially true with regard to quarters that are in excellent shape.

    Grading the 1959 Washington Quarter

    If you are like many collectors, the condition of the coin you possess or would like to possess means everything. Almost every collector strives to get their hands on a well-preserved piece, and as far as the Washington Quarter is concerned, this is no different. Unfortunately, due to the fact that these coins were widely used during the time of their minting, very few well-preserved pieces still exist.

    When it comes down to it, most people opt to have the condition of their Washington Quarters graded by a professional company. Knowing that not everyone can afford to have this done, we have provided below an outline of the different coin grades and their related characteristics.

    Uncirculated: A coin that is deemed as being Uncirculated is one that has spent almost no time whatsoever in circulation. These pieces will have a pristine look about them and will honestly feel as though they were just minted. For collectors, these are the most desirable pieces, but also some of the most expensive.

    Extremely Fine: A coin receiving an Extremely Fine grade is one that has spent only a very short period of time in circulation. These pieces will appear to take on the same appearance as an Uncirculated coin, but under close inspection you will be able to make out some signs of wear and tear. Naturally, these attractive pieces are also desirable for collectors.

    Fine: If a coin is determined to be of Fine grade, this means that the piece was circulated quite heavily, but did not become heavily damaged. You will see that the surfaces of these coins have been worn down due to the exchanging of hands over the years, but other than that there will not be all that much major damage.

    Good: Good is the lowest grade a coin can receive and is indicative of a piece that has been heavily circulated. The damage on the surfaces of these coins will be extreme, and can range from heavy scratching, to chipping, and just about anything else. For collectors, these pieces are not the most desirable but are often purchased due to their inexpensive nature.

    Pricing the 1959 Washington Quarter

    When it comes to determining a price for the Washington Quarter, there are a few factors that you must pay attention to. For one, the condition of the coin means everything to collectors and the better the coin the higher the asking price will be. Secondly, the exact type of coin you own will also play into the asking price. Below exists a chart aimed at giving you a better idea of what you can expect to pay for one of these coins.

    1959 Washington Quarter

    1959 Washington Quarter N/A N/A $7 $8
    1959 Washington Quarter (D) N/A N/A $7 $8
    Source: Red Book

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