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    1944 Washington Quarter

    The US Mint has long been producing some of the world’s finest currencies and has made a name for itself in many places that are not the United States. For collectors, the popularity of US coins knows no bounds as these beautiful pieces can be found in collections the world over. One of the most iconic pieces ever produced by the mint is the Washington Quarter, a coin that is still being produced today.

    Believe it or not, early editions of the Washington Quarter contain silver, which makes these coins particularly popular as they are some of the last US coins to contain silver. Apart from that, it is the sheer beauty of the coin’s designs that attract an endless stream of collectors.

    Grading the 1944 Washington Quarter

    For coins as old as the 1944 Washington Quarter, the first thing collectors will pay attention to is the condition the coin is in. 1944 was a long time ago, so between then and now these coins have had ample opportunity to become worn, tarnished, or otherwise damaged. By paying close attention to condition, collectors ensure that they will never add a sub-par piece to their collection.

    Normally, the judging of the condition of a coin is something reserved for a professional coin grading company, but we understand that not everyone has the time and money sitting around to send coins away for grading. That is why we have provided below a listing of the different coin grades as well as their associated characteristics.

    Uncirculated: An Uncirculated Washington Quarter is one that has spent no time whatsoever exchanging hands. These coins have been kept in a safe spot throughout their existence and have never had the opportunity to incur damage along the way. For collectors, Uncirculated coins are far and away the most highly sought after.

    Extremely Fine: An Extremely Fine Quarter is one that was circulated for only a very limited period of time. These coins will appear to be in mostly perfect condition, but if you look closely you will be able to spot some minor imperfections. All in all, however, you will notice that these coins have been well-preserved over the years.

    Fine: This is the grade given to coins that have been circulated, but have not been very heavily damaged during that time. The imagery and inscriptions on the coin’s faces will be able to be made out, though the actual surface of the coin will likely have been worn down due to the exchanging of hands over the years.

    Good: Good is a grade given to coins that have been quite heavily circulated. These coins have been damaged quite a bit and have a lot of their imagery and inscriptions compromised. In addition, the coin’s face will likely feel smooth to the touch as it has been worn down over the years.

    Pricing the 1944 Washington Quarter

    When it comes to determining a price for a Washington Quarter, you must look no further than the condition of the coin and the type. First, because there were multiple different types of Quarters produced every year, the exact type of coin will play into the asking price. In addition, the condition of the coin means everything to prospective buyers and will also play into the asking price. Below is a chart that will more aptly explain how much you can expect to pay for a 1944 Washington Quarter given its type and condition.

    1944 Washington Quarter

    1944 Washington Quarter N/A N/A $7.50 $8
    1944 Washington Quarter (D) N/A N/A $8 $10
    1944 Washington Quarter (S) N/A N/A $8 $10
    Source: Red Book

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