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    1935 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

    Since the mint was founded in the 1790s, the US Mint has been producing not only the coins of the US, but those of many other countries around the world. As you might expect, the reputation the US Mint has is a solid one. Throughout the years, this fine facility has brought to the world some of the world’s most sought after coins.

    One of these coins is the Walking Liberty Half Dollar, which was first introduced all the way back in the early 1900s. These coins changed the way in which US citizens did business, and changed the way people thought about currency. Now, these coins are no longer being produced, but they are extremely popular amongst collectors.

    Grading the 1935 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

    When it comes to any coin produced during 1935, collectors are always going to be concerned about what kind of condition the piece is in. Being well over a half decade old, it goes without saying that these coins have had ample opportunity to become damaged or worn. This is why you will see a prospective buyer closely analyzing every aspect of the coin in order to pick out any and all imperfections.

    Normally, someone who is looking to find out the exact condition of a coin will send that coin away for grading. This is an expensive and sometimes very long process, so we have provided below an outline of the different coin grades as well as their characteristics.

    Uncirculated: A coin that is graded as being Uncirculated is one that has spent absolutely no time at all being exchanged on the open market. These coins were immediately placed into safekeeping after being minted and have been preserved as a result. Due to their excellent condition, it goes without saying that these coins are some of the most highly sought after by collectors.

    Extremely Fine: Extremely Fine is the grade given to coins that were allowed to circulate on the open market for only a very short period of time. These coins will appear to be pristine, but if you take a closer look you will be able to make out some small imperfections and minimal signs of wear.

    Fine: A coin that is graded as being Fine is one that changed hands for an extended period of time, but did not become overly damaged during that time. Having consistent light scratching and some other, small signs of damage and wear, the age of these coins is able to be easily made out, but the overall condition is decent.

    Good: A coin that is graded as being Good is one that spent an incredibly long time on the open market. These coins will have incurred a lot of damage during their time being exchanged and will quite aptly show their age. All in all, these are the most affordable coins but not necessarily the first choice for collectors.

    Pricing the 1935 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

    When it comes to determining a price for the Half Dollar, there are a few pieces of information you will do well to remember. For one, you must understand that multiple types of this coin were produced, and the exact type of coin you own will undoubtedly play into the asking price. Secondly, because collectors care so much about condition, the condition the coin is in will also have a direct role in determining price. Below exists a chart aimed at giving you a better idea of what you might expect to pay for a 1935 Walking Liberty Half Dollar given its condition and type.

    1935 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

    1935 Walking Liberty Half Dollar $13 $16 $19 $25
    1935 Walking Liberty Half Dollar (D) $13 $16 $30 $65
    1935 Walking Liberty Half Dollar (S) $13 $16 $26 $95
    Source: Red Book

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