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    1933 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

    Coin collectors over the years have grown incredibly fond of pieces produced by the US Mint because of their nice imagery as well as their historic significance. The US Mint was founded all the way back in the late 1700s, but has been continuously operating since and has been producing some of the world’s finest coins.

    One of the most memorable coins ever produced by the US Mint was the Walking Liberty Half Dollar, which was first introduced way back in the early 1900s. Though these coins are not being produced any longer, they are still extremely popular in the eyes of collectors.

    Grading the 1933 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

    For coins that are going on being a century old, collectors are always going to first concern themselves with the condition the coin is in. You will see that a collector will immediately take into consideration every little imperfection. This is especially true because, due to the age of these coins, they have had ample opportunity to become damaged.

    For most people, the best way to have a coin’s condition judged is to send it away to a professional company. This is a great option, but not everyone can afford to send their coins away for grading. Because of this, we have provided below a listing of popular coin grades as well as their related characteristics.

    Uncirculated: A coin that is graded as being Uncirculated is one that was immediately put into safekeeping after being minted. Despite being more than 50 years old, these coins look as though they were just recently minted. Complete with a nice shine and a textured finish, these are some of the finest coins you will ever lay your eyes on.

    Extremely Fine: Extremely Fine coins are in great condition overall, but upon closer inspection you will see that there are some small imperfections. Because of the limited amount of time these coins have spent in circulation, their imagery and texture will have been mostly preserved and the coin will be in great condition overall.

    Fine: If a coin is graded as being Fine, this means that it spent a good amount of time in circulation and accrued a decent amount of damage during that time. The damage most often found will consist of light scratching and a chip or two, but apart from that the coins will be in decent shape. For collectors, these coins are an affordable option for adding to a collection.

    Good: Good is the grade reserved for some of the worst coins on the market today as far as condition is concerned. These coins will have plenty of damage and will, often times, be generally in pretty rough shape. For collectors, these are not the most desirable additions, but will be viewed as great once you take into consideration the low price point.

    Pricing the 1933 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

    When it comes to pricing coins that are going on being a century old, this is not the easiest thing to do. In order to gain a better idea of how much you might be asked to pay for one of these coins, you must assess the condition the coin is in as well as the type of coin it is. Below is a chart that more accurately explains what you can expect to pay for a 1933 Walking Liberty Half Dollar given its type and condition.

    1933 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

    1933 Walking Liberty Half Dollar (S) $13 $18 $60 $240
    Source: Red Book

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