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    1928 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

    The US Mint has been behind some of the world’s most popular collecting coins. After being founded in the late 1700s, the US Mint quickly rose to the ranks of the world’s most popular mints. Nowadays the US Mint is still producing plenty of coins for the US and elsewhere around the world, but those that are popular are those that have since had their production halted.

    One of these coins is the Walking Liberty Half Dollar, which was first introduced during the early parts of the 20th century. These coins are no longer being produced, but they are extremely popular amongst collectors.

    Grading the 1928 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

    When it comes to coins that are as old as the 1928 Walking Liberty, collectors are always going to first concern themselves with the condition the coin is in. Naturally, those coins that have been well-preserved are the most popular, but because of the coin’s age it may be heavily damaged. This is why collectors pour over the surfaces of these coins in order to scout out any and all damage.

    Under normal circumstances, a person looking to determine the exact condition of their coin will send the coin away for grading. Grading is done by a professional company and often costs a good amount of money. Understanding that not everyone has the money to send their coins away for grading, we have provided below the different popular coin grades as well as their characteristics.

    Uncirculated: A coin that is graded as being Uncirculated is one that has spent no time at all in circulation. These coins are in absolutely perfect shape and look like they have just been minted. For collectors, these are the most popular types of coins and are also some of the most expensive.

    Extremely Fine: A coin that is graded as being Extremely Fine is one that has spent only a very short period of time in circulation. These coins, though being circulated, did not incur much damage at all. These coins have all the aesthetic qualities that make them particularly attractive to collectors.

    Fine: If your coin is graded as being Fine, this means that it was in circulation for a moderate amount of time. During that time, these coins will have incurred a good bit of damage, but not so much that the coin’s imagery and texture has been compromised. All in all, these coins are in decent shape and are affordable for most collectors.

    Good: A coin receiving of a Good grade is one that was in circulation throughout the entirety of its existence. These coins have been heavily damaged and will show that damage. From chipping to scratching and just about every other type of damage, these coins have definitely seen better days.

    Pricing the 1928 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

    If you are attempting to find out the price of a 1928 Walking Liberty Half Dollar, there are a few things you must pay attention to. For one, because there were multiple types of the Walking Liberty coins produced every year, the exact type you own will play into the price. Secondly, the condition of the coin means everything to collectors. Because of that, this will also play into the asking price. Listed below is a chart outlining what you might be asked to pay for a Walking Liberty given its condition and type.

    1928 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

    1928 Walking Liberty Half Dollar (S) $13 $19 $180 $435
    Source: Red Book

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