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    1961 Franklin Half Dollar

    The U.S. Mint has produced many visually stunning coins over the years. The mint has produced not only circulation coinage for the U.S., but has also produced coinage for other countries as well. In addition, the mint has made some very popular coins of historical and cultural significance. One such coin is the Franklin Half Dollar. The U.S. Mint produced this silver fifty- cent piece from 1948-1963, and these coins remain sought after by collectors to this day.

    Given the age of these coins and the fact that many were circulated, a great deal of Franklin Half Dollars on the market today will exhibit clear signs of aging. These coins can also be found, however, in brilliant uncirculated condition as well.

    Grading the 1961 Franklin Half Dollar

    By having a coin graded, you can ensure the coin’s authenticity and metal content while getting an expert opinion on the coin’s overall condition. The grading process is a step-by-step way of forming an accurate opinion of a coin and its potential market value. A team of expert numismatists will examine the coin’s every detail, and assign the coin a grade based on its condition. The better the overall condition that a coin is in, the more potential value the coin may fetch. You can get a good idea of how your coin may be graded by performing a close inspection of your coin looking for any signs of damage or aging.

    Use the specifications below to determine how your Franklin Half Dollar coin might be graded.

    Uncirculated: Coins in this condition will look as if they were just struck today. The coin’s images, text and other details will look clean and crisp, with even the smaller details being quite clear and easy to make out. Coins given a grade of uncirculated will have no visible blemishes on the surfaces or details, and even their color may be close to original. Some coins, however, may have slight variations in color or finish due to aging. You can use a magnifying glass to examine the details if your coin. This allows you to see if all of the coin’s details remain clean, or if there has been any erosion or damage.

    Extremely Fine: A coin that is graded to be extremely fine is still in excellent overall condition. Just one step down the grading ladder, extremely fine coins will have all details relatively free from scratches or wear, although some very minor imperfections may be present. Some of the coin’s smaller details may show some signs of age-related erosion.

    Fine: Another step down the grading ladder, coins in fine condition will still have all of their details intact, although the coin’s surfaces and detail may have very visible blemishes or damage. The coin may feel smoother from wear and tear over the years, and the finish may appear dull.

    Good: Yet another step down the grading scale, coins in good condition may have significant damage to the images, text, edges or other details. Sometimes the damage is so severe that a magnifying glass may be required to see all of the coin’s details and to identify the coin. Even though coins in good condition are far from perfect, they may still be quite valuable.

    1961 Franklin Half Dollar Pricing

    Franklin Half Dollars are not considered rare, and are usually in good supply from precious metals dealers. Premiums for these coins are usually quite reasonable, but may rise according to the edition and overall coin condition. A 1961 Franklin Half Dollar in very fine condition exchange hands around the $13 mark, while a fifty cent piece in extremely fine condition may trade for slightly more.

    1961 Franklin Half Dollar

    1961 Franklin Half Dollar N/A N/A $14 N/A
    1961 Franklin Half Dollar (D) N/A N/A $14 N/A
    Source: Red Book

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