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    1952 Franklin Half Dollar

    The Franklin half Dollar fifty-cent piece is a highly regarded historical coin produced by the U.S. Mint. These silver coins feature the side profile of Benjamin Franklin as well as the Liberty Bell. Franklin Half Dollars were produced for a period of 15 years, and are a favorite among collectors and coin enthusiasts for their historical significance and beautiful design. Because these coins are no longer produced, their values may continue to rise with the passage of time.

    Most of these coins available today will show some wear and tear due to their age and circulation. There are, however, Franklin Half Dollars available today that are still in brilliant, uncirculated condition.

    Grading the 1952 Franklin Half Dollar

    The process for grading a coin involves several steps. These steps include visual inspections of the coin’s surfaces and edges, verification of the coin’s authenticity and a determination of the coin’s precious metals content. After all of that is said and done, an expert coin grader, or team of graders, will assign the coin’s final grade. The better the overall condition of the coin, the more potential value the coin may fetch. By closely examining your coins, looking for any imperfections, changes in color or other defects, you may be able to get a good idea of how they might be graded.

    Use the specifications below to determine how your Franklin Half Dollar coin might be graded.

    Uncirculated: A coin that is in uncirculated condition will show no damage, changes in color or finish or other defects upon examination. In fact, coins in this condition will look as if they were just pulled from the mint’s presses. The coins details, such as text or images, will appear freshly struck and brand new. The coin’s edges will also feel new, while the finish will have a nice luster to it. By using a magnifying glass, you can carefully examine coins in this condition and see all of the intricate details that were stamped onto the blank.

    Extremely Fine: A coin that is graded extremely fine is just a step below uncirculated on the grading system. Coins in this condition may have some very minor wear and tear or imperfections, although these may only be seen under a magnifying glass or microscope. Some of the coin’s details may also be slightly worn from handling over the years, and the coin may have a slightly different feel to it. Despite this, these coins are still considered to be in excellent condition and are very attractive.

    Fine: A fifty-cent piece in fine condition has some moderate damage, scratches or wear and tear. This damage is usually easily seen with the naked eye. Coins in fine condition may have significant erosion, and they may appear less shiny or even dull.

    Good: Coins that are in good condition may have significant damage to their surfaces, and this can make images or details on the coin difficult to see or read. A magnifying glass may be required to identify the coin or its mint year and location. Even though coins in good condition do not look pristine, they may still have a great deal of value if they are scarce or hard to obtain.

    1952 Franklin Half Dollar Pricing

    Franklin Half Dollars, regardless of mint year, are fairly easy to purchase from precious metals dealers. A 1952 edition half dollar may trade for about $13 in very fine condition while a coin in extremely fine condition may fetch about $1 more. Prices can potentially rise higher from this level according to the coin’s grade and condition.

    1952 Franklin Half Dollar

    1952 Franklin Half Dollar N/A N/A $14 N/A
    1952 Franklin Half Dollar (D) N/A N/A $14 N/A
    1952 Franklin Half Dollar (S) N/A N/A $17 N/A
    Source: Red Book

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