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    1914 Barber Dime

    The US Mint has been entrusted with producing the coinage of the United States since shortly after the country was founded. Through the years this world-renowned mint has produced many pleasing coins, but few more so than the Barber Dime. Minted in the late 19th and early 20th century, Barber Dime that have survived the years are of incredible value to collectors.

    Barber Dimes, regardless of their condition, are a prized catch for any collector, but it must be stated that collectors without a doubt only want to get their hands on those coins that have been well-preserved through the years. Unfortunately, because of how popular these coins were to use, not many have survived in great shape.

    Grading the 1914 Barber Dime

    As soon as a collector catches wind of the possibility of acquiring a coin as old as the 1914 Barber Dime, the first thing they will inquire about is the condition of the coin in question. Because most Barber Dimes were fairly heavily circulated, it goes without saying that many of them are not in the best condition.

    Typically, the process of judging a coin’s condition is done by a professional coin grading service. With the specifications below, however, you can look at a Barber Dime and almost immediately be able to tell what kind of grade it would receive.

    Uncirculated: An Uncirculated Barber Dime is one that never exchanged hands after it was minted. Instead, the coin was likely placed into safekeeping for an extended period of time and, because of this, avoided any noticeable damage. Even the luster, which was applied by the mint at the time of production and gives the coin its shine, will have been mostly preserved through the years.

    Extremely Fine: An Extremely Fine Barber Dime will appear to be in perfect condition, but upon closer inspection you will notice that the coin was subject to some light damage. Because of its time in circulation, the piece will be home to some light scratching on its faces. Despite these small blemishes, the coin will appear to be in mostly pristine condition.

    Fine: This grade is given to 1914 Barber Dimes that were circulated for a good amount of time. These coins will show plenty of scratching and other signs of wear, but the coin’s inscriptions and images will have survived mostly intact.

    Good: If a Barber Dime receives this grade, it means that the coin was circulated extensively. During its time exchanging hands, this piece will have incurred significant, noticeable damage. Heavy scratching, chipping, and on some occasions bending of the coin can be noticed. These are far and away the most affordable types of Barber Dimes.

    Pricing the 1914 Barber Dime

    When it comes to giving Barber Dimes a price, there are two things you must take into consideration; the condition and the type. The 1914 Dime had three different types minted, and each type carries with it its own inherent value. By assessing the type and condition, you will be able to gain a better understanding of how much the coin in question will sell for. The chart below will provide you with a good idea of how much these coins are selling for today.

    Barber Dimes

    1914 Barber Dime $4 $6 $25 $75
    1914 Barber Dime (D) $4 $6 $20 $75
    1914 Barber Dime (S) $4 $10 $40 $80
    Source: Red Book

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