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    1857 Liberty Head Large Cent

    The 1857 Liberty Head Large Cent is like any other Large Cent in that it is now extremely sought after, however it is the last edition of the Liberty Head style. Because of this, collectors will do absolutely anything they can to get their hands on one. Because the quantity of these coins still available is ever decreasing, there has never been a better time than now to get your hands on one.

    On the obverse side of the coin, the center of the face is dominated by the image of Lady Liberty, who appears to be gazing off to the left of the coin’s face. Inscribed within a band that is resting on Lady Liberty’s head is the word “Liberty,” while the 1857 year of minting is listed towards the bottom. Finally, there are 13 stars around the outside of the central design, these stars represent the 13 original colonies of the United States.

    On the coin’s reverse, the center of the face is dominated by an inscription marking the “One Cent” face value. Surrounding this is an ornate wreath, complete with stunning detail. Around this is another inscription, reading “United States of America.” On the very outer edges of both the obverse and reverse sides of the coin, there are raised rays which give this coin a bit more texture.

    Grading the 1857 Liberty Head Large Cent

    Collectors love to get their hands on coins like the 1857 Liberty Head Large Cent, however that is not such an easy task nowadays. There are so many fake coins circulating around the market nowadays, that finding an authentic coin is extremely difficult. As such, collectors will only settle for coins that have been graded and certified as being authentic. These grades will be explained below.

    Uncirculated: A coin that is determined to be of Uncirculated grade is one that has never made its way out onto the open market. These coins, having been preserved for quite some time, will appear today in the same condition that they were in when they were first minted.

    Extremely Fine:
    A coin that is determined to be of Extremely Fine grade is one that might have been circulated briefly, however will only show minimal signs of damage. These coins are incredibly sought after and are in near-perfect condition.

    Fine: If a coin is determined to be of Fine grade, this means that it was circulated for quite some time yet not so heavily damaged. These pieces will show signs of light scratching and chipping, but none of this damage will be enough to compromise the surface imagery and raised inscriptions.

    Good is the grade given to coins that have been extremely heavily circulated and heavily damaged. These pieces will have deep scratches, significant smoothing, and plenty of other signs of damage associated with coins that have been very heavily circulated.

    Pricing the 1857 Liberty Head Large Cent

    In order to determine the asking price for an 1857 Liberty Head Large Cent, the first thing something must look at is the condition the coin is in. If a coin is extremely well-preserved, it will carry a higher asking price than if it were extremely damaged. In the same vein, if there are a plentiful number of coins for sale, the price, per coin, will be less expensive than if there were only a limited number available. Below, you will find a chart aimed at giving you a better idea of the price you might be asked to pay for a graded 1857 Liberty Head.

    Large Cents

    1857 Liberty Head $60 $100 $200 $300
    Source: Red Book