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    1794 Liberty Cap Large Cent

    If you are talking about a US coin produced before the turn of the 19th century, you can bet your bottom dollar that it is highly sought after by collectors. The 1794 Liberty Cap Large Cent is no exception to this, and is especially popular due to it being the first edition of a brand new design. The Large Cent was first introduced during the previous year, but due to racist undertones with regard to its design, a new coin was forced into production.

    On the obverse side of the 1794 Large Cent, you will see the rightward-facing image of Lady Liberty in the center. As opposed to the 1793 version of the coin, where Lady Liberty’s hair was free-flowing, the 1794 Large Cent sees Lady Liberty’s hair partially covered by a cap, hence the name. Above the central image is a raised inscription which reads Liberty,” while the 1794 year of minting is towards the bottom. Around the outer edges of both the obverse and reverse sides of the coin there are 100 individual dots.

    The reverse side of the 1794 Large Cent boasts a raised, inscribed “One Cent” face value in the center. As opposed to the chains of 1793, the one cent face value is surrounded by a wreath which is bound by a bow. Around the outside of the reverse is a raised inscription which reads “United States of America.” Finally, underneath the wreath, in the center, there is a “1/100” inscription, indicating the coin’s worth relative to a whole dollar.

    Grading the 1794 Liberty Cap Large Cent

    When it comes to the 1794 Large Cent, there is absolutely no chance that you will ever find a collector even considering the purchase of one that has not been graded. Because there are so many counterfeits nowadays, it is necessary that a coin be independently certified by an expert. Below you will find an outline of the different coin grades as well as what those grades mean for the appearance of the 1794 Large Cent.

    Uncirculated: Though they are not very common to find, Uncirculated coins are those that have never been in circulation and have never exchanged hands. Essentially, from the day they were minted to today, they have been kept in safekeeping and have avoided any and all damage. As was mentioned before, these coins are very difficult to find.

    Extremely Fine: If a coin is determined to be of Extremely Fine grade, this means that it is almost flawless. Save for a few chips and a few scratches, these pieces will be in absolutely perfect shape. When you consider how old they are, it makes sense that collectors will stop at nothing to get their hands on Extremely Fine 1794 Large Cents.

    Fine: Fine is the grade given to 1794 Large Cents that have been quite heavily circulated, but not so heavily damaged. You will notice that, via the exchanging of hands over the years, some of the central imagery and inscriptions will have worn away to some extent. Still, all of the raised imagery and lettering on the coin will be discernable with the naked eye.

    Good: Because 1794 Large Cents are well over 200 years old, it should come as no surprise that Good is the grade you will find more often than not. These pieces show their age and will boast plenty of scratching, chipping, and other very visible signs of wear and tear.

    Pricing the 1794 Liberty Cap Large Cent

    When it comes to determining a price for the 1794 Large Cent, it more or less goes without saying that these coins are incredibly valuable despite their condition. With that being said, as the condition of these coins improves, even minimally, the price will dramatically increase. Below exists a chart aimed at giving you a better idea of what the 1794 Liberty Cap Large Cent will be valued at, given its grade.

    Large Cents

    1794 Liberty Cap $370 $800 $4,000 $6,100
    Source: Red Book

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