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    1899 Indian Head Penny

    The Indian Head Penny is an iconic symbol of American minting history. These coins were first produced in the mid-19th Century, but were so useful they continued to be minted into the 20th century. Though some editions are more valuable than others, collectors are constantly vying to get their hands on these coins. What’s more, collectors are trying to get their hands on these coins in great shape.

    Unfortunately, because the 1899 Indian Head Penny is more than a century old, it is quite difficult to find the coin in pristine condition. Having said this, it makes perfect sense when you find out that collectors are willing to pay a decent price for one of these coins in great shape.

    Grading the 1899 Indian Head Penny

    When talking about old coins such as the 1899 Indian Head Penny, an official judgment of the coin’s condition is known as its grade. While typically, the process of grading is executed by a professional company through the skill and opinion of experts, you can use your own expertise to determine a rough grade for an 1899 Indian Head.

    By using the specifications provided below, you can give an Indian Head a rough grade by looking at certain aspects of the coin’s condition.

    Uncirculated: Uncirculated 1899 Indian Head Pennies are those that spent no time in circulation. These coins have retained much of their original luster and freshness. Overall, the imagery on the coin’s faces has been well-preserved through the years. The coins raised features are also going to be extremely well-preserved.

    Extremely Fine: Extremely Fine 1899 Indian Head Pennies saw some time in circulation, but not all that much. These coins are pleasing to the eyes as most of the imagery remains untouched. In addition, the coin’s texture has been well-preserved and can be easily felt. The coin’s shine will likely have faded a good bit, but as for condition, the coin has survived the years well.

    Fine: A Fine Indian Head will show a good bit of wear and tear due to the fact that it was circulated for many years. These coins will be scratched, chipped, and show plenty of signs of being beaten up and circulated. Though millions of the 1899 Indian Head Penny were minted, the coins were so useful that almost all of them saw at least some time in circulation.

    Good: A coin deserving of this grade will be in the worst condition you will find. These coins will have had their faces worn down such that they are devoid of texture. To the naked eye, the coin’s imagery will be difficult to make out due to the intense scratching and chipping. Coins in this condition can often be purchased at a bargain price.

    Pricing the 1899 Indian Head Penny

    When it comes to giving the Indian Head a price, look no further than the condition the coin is in. Collectors are constantly striving to get their hands on the most well-preserved pieces, and the 1899 is no exception. Of course, because these are considered to be newer versions of the Indian Head Penny, many have survived the years and, as such, their prices will reflect that. The chart below will give you a good idea of what an Indian Head Penny will cost you given the condition it is in.

    1899 Indian Head Penny

    1899 $3 $5 $15 $25
    Source: Red Book

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