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    1888 Indian Head Penny

    The 1888 Indian Head Penny is just one of many scarce versions of the coin from the 1880s. These coins have survived the years, but due to how heavily circulated many of them are, the condition they are is nothing to write home about. Collectors would love to get their hands on these coins, but strive to find those that are in great condition.

    As part of American coinage history, this and any other Indian Head Penny is a prize for collectors. In order to have any complete set of US coinage, this coin is needed.

    Grading the 1888 Indian Head Penny

    The condition of the 1888 Indian Head that you have means the world when it comes to giving the coin its grade. Officially, the process of grading a coin involves an expert very closely examining the condition of the coin and looking for any imperfections. Once a grade is determined, collectors will have a much better way of determining how much the coin in question is worth.

    By using the specifications below, you can derive a better understanding of what conditions are indicative of a coin of a certain grade. Of course, in order to get an official grade you must send your coin away to a professional grading service.

    Uncirculated: An Uncirculated 1888 Indian Head Penny is one that was never put into circulation and never exchanged hands. These coins will show no signs of scratching or wear, the imagery and texture will remain completely intact. The only flaw you will find with these coins is that some of the mint’s original luster due to aging.

    Extremely Fine: An Extremely Fine coin is one that was circulated for a very minimal amount of time. Coins of this grade will have some scratching or other small imperfections, but will be for the most part in pristine condition. The luster will have worn a bit, but the faces of the coin will have retained most of their texture.

    Fine: A coin in this condition saw its fair share of circulation, but is by no means in dismal condition. Some decent scratching and other signs of wear will be present, especially on the images, but the coin’s imagery is still able to be deciphered.

    Good: Coin’s receiving a grade of Good have seen the most amount of time in circulation. Bent, beaten, and scratched, these 1888 Indian Heads are in quite poor shape. The coin’s surfaces will have been worn down to the point where they are, or close to being, smooth.

    Pricing the 1888 Indian Head Penny

    Giving the 1888 Indian Head Penny a price is as easy as assessing the coin’s condition. The better the condition and grade, the more valuable the coin will be. Fortunately, there are quite a few surviving 1888 Indian Heads and the price you will pay for these coins pales in comparison to the prices paid for other year’s editions. By using the chart below, you can get an idea of what you can expect to pay for one of these coins given its grade.

    1888 Indian Head Penny

    1888 $3 $5 $22 $27
    Source: Red Book

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