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    1880 Indian Head Penny

    The 1880 Indian Head Penny, like most early Indian Heads, is extremely difficult to find in decent condition. In fact, the coin itself is quite difficult to find in any condition simply because they are so old and so few have survived to today. Collectors will want this coin no matter what, but in the right condition, some collectors are willing to shell out a good amount of money.

    This coin is a piece of American history and is the perfect addition to any extensive coin collection. Like it is with all Indian Heads, however, special attention must be paid to the condition of the coin.

    Grading the 1880 Indian Head Penny

    By closely paying attention to the condition of the Indian Head in question, you can quickly and easily determine a grade for your coin(s). Normally, determining an accurate grade is done at the hands of experts who are employed by professional coin-grading services. This is true, but the reality of the matter is that you can use your own eyes and knowledge to give the coin(s) in question a relatively accurate grade.

    By taking note of the specifications below, you can easily determine a rough grade for the coin(s) in your possession.

    Uncirculated: An Uncirculated 1880 Indian Head Penny is no easy find because so few exist today. These coins are in pristine condition and will show next to 0 signs of wear. While some of the coin’s luster has been lost with the years, the condition of the coin is like it was just taken off the mint’s presses yesterday.

    Extremely Fine: By looking at how much more collectors will pay for an Extremely Fine Indian Head than they will for one of a lower grade, it is clear to see how much condition matters. Extremely Fine Indian Heads will show very little signs of wear and will have maintained almost all of their texture. Still, some signs of wear will be able to be seen due to some time in circulation.

    Fine: A Fine grade is one that is given to an Indian Head Penny that shows a decent amount of wear, but has all of its imagery and a good amount of its texture intact. These coins are a bit more commonplace, but can still be quite difficult to find at times.

    Good: A Good Indian Head Penny is in pretty rough shape. These coins have spent many, many years in circulation and are going to have a lot of scratching as well as much of its imagery worn down. The coin’s shine will also be mostly gone through years of exchanging hands.

    Pricing the 1880 Indian Head Penny

    To determine an accurate price for an 1880 Indian Head Penny, you must look no further than the condition the coin is in. Naturally, the better the condition, the higher the price will be, and this coin is no exception to that. By using the chart below, you can determine the value of an Indian Head if you are given its condition and grade.

    1880 Indian Head Penny

    1880 $5 $9 $30 $60
    Source: Red Book

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