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IRA Approved Gold

Individual retirement accounts offer a unique advantage to gold investors, as you can invest in physical gold bullion while gaining access to certain tax advantages. One drawback of IRAs is that they require you to invest in IRA-eligible gold bullion, which excludes a large percentage of gold bullion in circulation. All of the products on this page are IRA-certified, and can be used as part of an IRA gold purchase.

Here we have displayed a list of a few of our most popular IRA gold products.

Benefits of a Gold IRA

Funding an IRA can be done by more than just an investment in the gold products listed above, but other ways of funding an IRA are simply not as advantageous as an investment in the yellow metal. Investing in other financial tools can help you realize the long-term gains that anyone investing in an IRA is striving for, but these investments are primarily backed by the US Dollar. The problem with US Dollar-backed investments is that inflation is constantly dragging the value of the dollar down; the same cannot be said about an investment in physical gold. Though the nominal value of your US Dollar-backed investments may rise significantly over time, the purchasing power of that investment will be significantly less than a similar investment in IRA gold.

An investment in IRA gold also allows you, the investor, to accrue value for your IRA with little concentrated effort. While other financial investments may be great one month and absolutely awful a month later, IRA gold rarely experiences the volatility experienced by other IRA investment vehicles. IRA gold investors can be rest assured that their IRA is secured by one of the most reliable investments on today’s market.

Finally, IRA gold investments work for you and only you whereas most other investments serve to benefit some sort of organization who is not really concerned whether your original investment is lost or not.

Less Work For You

Anyone who is trying to amass a valuable IRA account will naturally want to do so in the easiest way possible. IRA gold is by far the easiest form of funding an IRA because you do not have to do much beyond purchasing the metal online. Once you make the purchase your gold is sent to a third-party depository where it sits and will ideally earn you a large return on your original investment. Acting on your personal IRA now will serve you innumerable benefits a long way down the road.