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Austrian Silver Philharmonics

The Austrian Silver Philharmonic is a relatively new bullion coin, first produced in 2008 by the Austrian Mint. The Silver Philharmonic is identical in design to the Gold Philharmonic, with the only difference being its .999 silver content and its 1.50 euro face value. The coin is minted annually, and production numbers vary based on year-to-year demand levels.


The obverse of the Silver Philharmonic depicts the great organ in the Golden Hall in Vienna’s Musikverein, the concert hall of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Also on the obverse are the inscripted face value, weight, purity, and year of issue.

The reverse of the coin features a design of musical instruments representing the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as the text Wiener Philharmoniker, which in English means Vienna Philharmonic. The coin’s design was created by Thomas Pesendorfer.


As mentioned before, the Austrian Silver Philharmonic was first produced in 2008. Its mintage has varied each year since its inception, and it is currently one of the most widely circulated and popular silver coins in the world. New versions are released each year to accomodate demand – however the design remains the same year to year.