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JM Bullion Guide to Investing in Metals > JM Bullion Guide to Investing in Metals

JM Bullion Beginner's Guide to Investing in Metals

The Beginner's Guide to Investing in Metals

Welcome to the JM Bullion Guide to Investing in Metals. The aim of this section of our website is to educate both prospective and current precious metal investors on the gold and silver markets, physical products, industry trends, and more.

To get started, we recommend that new investors click the banner to the right to read James Anderson's Beginner's Guide to Investing in Metals. This is a stand-alone piece that will get all beginners up to speed.

Alternatively, scroll down to find topics that catch your eye, or view our four product categories below:

Buying Physical Metals

How to Sell Silver & Gold to a Local Coin Shop

Featured Article: How to Sell Silver & Gold Bullion Locally

About a month ago I got a phone call from my sister. Long wind short, she had to raise some quick fiat currency ( U.S. dollars in this case ) to pay for an unforeseen real estate expense she had accrued. Well I being the one who turned her onto stacking silver and gold bullion, […]

Paper Metal Investments


Featured Article: Precious Metals vs. the Stock Market

Now that you know a little bit more about precious metal investing, we are ready to discuss how precious metal investments compare to the most traditional investment — the stock market. Precious Metals vs. Stocks Many of the visitors on our website are already familiar with traditional investment vehicles like stocks, but aren’t so familiar […]

Pricing and Payments


Featured Article: How Do You Send A Bank Wire Transfer?

Bank wire transfers offer customers one of the most convenient and affordable methods of payment when purchasing gold and silver bullion. They qualify customers for a 4% discount on the credit card price and enable customers to pay for their larger purchases in full without having to concern themselves over any potential interest rates or […]

Storage and Shipping


Featured Article: How Long Does It Take To Get My Order?

Among the many factors that contribute to JM Bullion’s exceptional customer service is our swift delivery of your package. We continue to set new industry standards by packaging and shipping your order within 1 business day after the clearance of your payment and we are able to accomplish this through our quick and efficient order […]

Taxes, Reporting, and IRAs


Featured Article: Will Dealers Buy Back Metals Even If Spot Prices Rise?

A precious metals dealer is in business to sell metals. Dealers usually offer buy prices for metals, as well as sell prices. The spot price of gold or silver is in a constant state of flux. Gold , silver and other precious metals prices may move up or down based on many factors, such as […]

Types of Physical Metals


Featured Article: Glossary

Below are definitions of some of the most commonly used terms in the precious metal investing world. Make sure to also view our precious metals price charts. Assay – A test to determine the quality and purity of a gold or silver product. When a gold or silver product ships with an “assay”, this is […]