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2014 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin (BU)


Product Description

With its innovative security features and extraordinary elegance, the 2014 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is a stellar example of the Royal Canadian’s Mint’s craftsmanship and design expertise.

Struck from one ounce of .9999 pure silver, the reed-edged coin boasts images that are both iconic and tinged with patriotic reverence. The two sides are married in a sophisticated composition that weaves security enhancements right into the coin’s artistry for a dynamic design that replaces the former bullion finish.

The maple leaf design is textured to reveal a pattern of radial lines that have been struck to achieve a brilliant light-diffracting effect; in short, this coin appears to glow which is one of its most singular highlights. The coin’s purity mark flanks either side of the leaf and the inscriptions “CANADA, 1 OZ ARGENT PUR, FINE SILVER” encircle the leaf design.

The obverse design showcases Queen Elizabeth II in profile and wearing pearls. Its rim reads “ELIZABETH II, 5 DOLLARS, 2014.” The smooth image of the queen was wrought in contrast to the radial-line filled background, a design feature that complements the reverse side as well. In both cases the radial finish results in a coin that appears illuminated and altogether stunning.

Aside from its elegant appearance, this coin also embodies state-of-the-art security features adopted by the Royal Canadian Mint. Each coin has a micro-engraved laser mark denoting the mintage year intricately incorporated into the maple leaf design; the mark “14” is only visible, of course, under magnification. The radial lines replace the previous bullion finish of Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins and diminish the possibility of counterfeiting.

The evolved design, its updated security features, and its purity make this coin an extraordinary example of the mint’s continued excellence. For packaging and delivery, individual coins will be shipped in sleeves or tubes. Quantities with intervals of 25 are shipped in sealed tubes. When buying 500 or more coins, a sealed Monster Box of 20 tubes will be shipped.

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins are also IRA-eligible as precious metals. Having selected a precious metals depository of your choice, your investment account may be initiated in as few as two business days.

If you would like to learn more about how to buy 2014 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins or if you would like to find out more information about any of our products, we welcome you to contact us via our contact page, live chat, or by phone at 800-276-6508.

Brand: Royal Canadian Mint

Mint: Royal Canadian Mint

Year: 2014

Condition: Brilliant Uncirculated

Country: Canada

Weight: 1 oz.

Purity: 99.99% Silver

Diameter: 38 mm

Thickness: 3.29 mm

Picture is an example only. Actual item is subject to change, but will always correlate with title and description.

Lowest Price: $21.59

Condition: New

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Reviews (14)
4.86 out of 5

  1. 5 out of 5
    Review By John

    Amazing quality,I am not really in to “coins” but it is a good idea to diversify your stack.I have bought about 6 of these (so far) and I plan on a few more.

  2. 5 out of 5
    Review By John Thomas

    Great coin at a nice discount. Purchased some last week while JMB offered them with the low over spot pricing. Was a bit concerned about the “milk stain” Maples that I have been reading so much about BUT, the coins I received were perfect. No dings, dents or stains. Absolutely beautiful coins. Top marks to JMB for fast shipping – as usual.

  3. 5 out of 5
    Review By Dionn

    I can’t overstate how impressed I am with JMBullion. Ordered 5 of these beautiful coins and received them in less than 48 hours, faster than the USPS tracking info could keep up. As for the coins, they are flawless with none of the reported spotting/milk spots. Bought them during the weekly sale and got a great price. Very happy!

  4. 5 out of 5
    Review By John

    I purchased five, and have five more on order. The “milky spot” issue is miner. Only one in my five has it, and barely visible. The new anti-counterfeiting devise, the 3-D proof like finish, the .9999 purity, the outstanding beauty, the five dollar denomanation, and the price, more than make up for it. This is “bullion” you know.

  5. 5 out of 5
    Review By Dennis

    To the people who lowered their ratings in these reviews because their Maples had “spots” or “milkspots”: if you had done your homework you would know that RCM Maples are notorious for having these milkspots, and have been many years.

    The white stains (or “milk spots”) result from the planchet (flan) cleaning and preparation process. Some Silver Maple Leaf coins have them (SMLs), some do not.

    This is the Mint’s official position: The coins are bullion coins. They are not collector coins. They are sold as one ounce of silver. The Mint knows that there is a problem. The problem has existed since 1988, when the SML coin was first introduced. The Mint says that there is nothing that they can do about the problem.

    So, if you want collector coins, do your homework and buy PCGS certified and/or Proof coins – and quit whining.

    That said, I personally love the new 2014 Maples, milkspots or not. The security features on the 2014′s is why I buy them. China’s been counterfeiting all kinds of bullion, including US and Canadian coins of various dates, but the security features on the 2014 Maples are at this time beyond counterfeiting capabilites.

    As for JM Bullion’s awesome prices and service: I quit buying from anyone else and switched to JM for almost all my bullion purchases (and I have been purchasing PM’s for many years).

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