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    All US Mint Proof Sets

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    1961 US Mint Proof Set
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    All US Mint Proof Sets

    The United States Mint is the sovereign mint of the United States of America. Founded in 1792, the primary function of the US Mint in its 220-plus year history has been to strike circulation coins for the nation. Starting in the 1980s, the US Mint launched a series of bullion coin collections with pure gold, silver, and platinum choices. However, the US Mint has never strayed from producing its circulation coins and collectible sets. 

    What is a US Mint Proof Set?

    As the name suggests, proof sets from the United States Mint are any collection of coins struck with proof visuals and directed toward collectors. Some of the sets may feature silver content, but the primary focus is the beautiful designs of the nation’s coinage. Among the most popular sets are simple US Mint Proof Sets with proof versions of each circulating denomination of coinage:

    • Lincoln Penny
    • Jefferson Nickel
    • Roosevelt Dime
    • Washington Quarter
    • Kennedy Half Dollar
    • Sacagawea Dollar

    Rather than the standard circulation strike, each coin in a US Mint Proof Set features enhanced visual relief on the design strike, frosted finishes on the design element, and mirror-like backgrounds.

    Do US Mint Proof Sets have precious metal content?

    The answer depends on the set you purchase. Whenever you see SILVER in the set name, you will find silver content in the coins. However, this is limited to certain coins within a given set. The US Mint Proof Silver America the Beautiful Quarter Sets were issued from 2010 to 2020 with circulation-sized quarters struck using 90% silver and 10% copper (2010-2018) and 99.9% silver (2019-2020).

    Additionally, US Mint Proof Silver Sets feature US dimes, quarters, and half dollars with 90% silver or 99.9% silver. The same date ranges mentioned for the Proof Silver ATB Quarter Sets apply to US Mint Proof Silver Sets as it regards the specific metal content.


    US Mint Proof Sets are packaged originally by the US Mint with clear plastic holders protecting the coins. The holder is housed in a commemorative shipping sleeve and the entire set comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Please bear in mind that this is the original US Mint packaging. Depending on the JM Bullion listing, some of these packaging items may not be available or may be incomplete. When that is the case, it will be noted in our product listing.

    Collect US Mint Proof Sets at JM Bullion

    You will find a range of US Mint Proof Sets available to you online at JM Bullion. Please contact our customer service team with any inquiries. You can call us at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or email us directly. For inquiries regarding payment, please reference our Payment Methods page and feel free to contact our customer service team with additional questions.