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    US Mint Proof Sets

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    1963 US Mint Proof Set
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    1962 US Mint Proof Set
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    1961 US Mint Proof Set
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    2012 US Mint Silver Proof Set
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    US Mint Proof Sets from JM Bullion

    While the United States Mint is world-renowned for its American Silver Eagle and American Gold Eagle collections, the sovereign mint of the United States of America also offers a wide range of other products to both investors and collectors. In addition to its leading programs, the mint also offers the American Gold Buffalo, the 56 coins of the America the Beautiful Series, and countless commemorative silver and gold releases. Tucked within its expansive catalog of annual releases, the US Mint also highlights the beauty of the nation’s circulation coinage. Each year, circulating denominations are struck in proof and offered together in sets for collectors. JM Bullion is proud to offer these products to our customers.

    US Mint Silver Proof America the Beautiful Quarter Sets

    The silver coins of the America the Beautiful Series are best known to many investors and collectors from the 5 oz bullion release. This 56-coin collection featured 5 oz silver coins with .999 fineness offered as investment-grade BU coins and has Burnished coins for collectors. However, the United States Mint also issued ATB Quarters. Collectors who closely follow circulating coin designs in the US will have noticed that from 2010 to 2021, the ATB designs from the bullion series were also issued on circulating cupronickel coins.

    The United States Mint didn’t stop there with its ATB designs. Each year, the US Mint issued a Silver Proof America the Beautiful Quarter Set. These Proof ATB Quarter Sets feature the same size blank from the circulation series, but with 90% silver content in each coin instead of the cupronickel alloy. In fact, the 2010-2018 sets had 90% silver content, while the 2019 and 2020 sets had .999 pure silver content.

    Perhaps the most important feature of these 90% silver releases was that the coins were only available in the US Mint Silver Proof America the Beautiful Quarter Sets. Those sets were issued with a plastic holder containing all five coins, and shipped in a commemorative sleeve with a Certificate of Authenticity. Please note that this reflects the original packaging from the US Mint. Many of the sets JM Bullion has in stock feature packaging that remains in good condition, though it may be missing certain pieces and/or showcase minor wear and tear from previous handling.

    US Mint Silver Proof Set

    In addition to the release of US Silver Proof ATB Quarter Sets, the US Mint also releases two types of coin sets honoring the beautiful designs that grace everyday coins circulating in the United States. The US Mint Silver Proof Set is among these offerings each year and these sets typically contain the following coins:

    • US Penny
    • US Nickel
    • US Dime
    • US Quarter
    • US Half Dollar
    • US Sacagawea Dollar

    Date marks are important in understanding what you’ll receive with a given set. From 2010 to 2020, the US Mint Silver Proof Set came with the six coins mentioned above and five proof silver versions of the ATB Quarters from circulation. In 2021, the US Mint Silver Proof Set featured the six circulation coins mentioned above, the final ATB Quarter design, and the new Washington Crossing the Delaware Quarter design for circulation.

    Another important feature of date marks relates to the silver purity of the coins. While the penny, nickel, and US Sacagawea dollar were all struck in proof, but using the circulation metallic alloy for each, the dime, quarter, half dollar, and ATB quarters were struck in silver. Until 2018, 90% silver content was featured in those four coins. In 2019, the US Mint boosted the silver purity to .999 pure silver content for those four coins. 

    US Mint Proof Set

    Finally, there is the US Mint Proof Set. These sets are the exact same as the US Mint Silver Proof Set in terms of the coins available with a given date mark. The only difference is that a US Mint Proof Set does not have any silver content included in the coins in the set. Each one is struck with the cupronickel or other metallic alloy preferred for circulation use. However, in the case of both US Mint Silver Proof Sets and US Mint Proof Sets, you will find that all coins are struck with visual brilliance in mind.

    Each of these sets from the US Mint features a strong design strike with a frosted finish set against a mirror-like background field. The coins of the US Mint Silver Proof Set and US Mint Proof Set all come with plastic holders for the coins and a commemorative sleeve, as well as a Certificate of Authenticity. Typically, the circulation penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar, and dollar are packaged together, while ATB Quarters are packaged together separately.

    Collecting US Mint Proof Sets

    If you have any questions about the US Mint Proof Sets available at JM Bullion, please feel free to ask. You can call us on the phone at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or email us directly. For more information on payment methods, please visit our Payment Methods page for detailed information.