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    Unique 2020 Four Seasons Sets Focus on the Climate

    Posted on May 17, 2020

    JM Bullion regularly offers our customers the chance to purchase unique coins sets. Chief among those are the Four Seasons American Silver Eagle and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Sets. In the past, these coins have directly adhered to the concept of “four seasons” with different colorization on each of the four coins in the set that reflect the changing seasons. With the release of the 2020 Four Seasons Sets, the colorization went a different direction by bringing climate change into focus on one side of the coins. Read on to learn more about the 2020 Save the World Edition Four Seasons Coins before buying silver at JM Bullion.

    Save the World Edition Four Seasons Designs

    The Save the World Edition Four Seasons coin sets swap out the traditional reverse design on the American Silver Eagle and obverse design on the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf in favor of a shared, colorized design. Each of the four coins has a unique image representing a different climate from around the world. These regions are depicted in two contrasting visuals in the photographic, colorized designs. Included in the set are the following biomes:

    • Beach – The tropical beach is captured in a small window as we all imagine pristine, white-sandy beaches should appear. In the background is the sad reality facing the world as swarms of garbage swirl through the oceans of the world and wash up on otherwise beautiful beaches across the globe.
    • Savanna – The small picture window on this coin depicts a savanna watering hole on the African continent with zebras and an elephant quenching their thirst, while the broader background captures the image of a sun-drenched, dry savanna impacted by changing weather patterns and severe droughts.
    • Rainforest – This design showcases the lush, green beauty of a dense tropical rainforest in the smaller window, while the background shows a forest ravaged by uncontrollable fires that take advantage of extended droughts.
    • Icecaps – The fourth design shows a mother polar bear with her two cubs in the midst of a huge Arctic snowpack as the ideal element, while the background previews the continued melting of polar icecaps and shrinking range for the polar bear.

    2020 American Silver Eagle Set

    The 2020 American Silver Eagle Save the World Edition Four Seasons Coin Set features the aforementioned reverse design elements paired with the obverse design of Walking Liberty. Created in 1916 by Adolph A. Weinman, this design continues to be regarded as one of the greatest in American coining history. The Four Seasons flair of this release is evident in the different colorizations added to Liberty in this release. The four coins each showcase a different season of the year with new colorization on Liberty and her surrounding elements. These include:

    • Spring – Liberty wears a dress of bright green with light green and a brighter yellow applied to the mountain range and sun in the design. The branches she carries have fresh blooms with vivid colors.
    • Summer – In the summer design, Liberty has warm tones of red and gold in her dress and the colors of the blooms on her branches have taken on deeper tones. The sun is a richer yellow, as is the grass of the mountain range.
    • Autumn – Fall has arrived with Liberty’s branches beginning to show signs of annual decay having taken on very deep tones. The sun is now an orange hue with brown taking over the horizon and mountain.
    • Winter – The final season is shown with Liberty in a dark green robe, her branches in hibernation for the season, and the mountain range covered in a fresh coat of snow. The sun offers up a weak yellow color.

    2020 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Set

    Just as the American Silver Eagle Set uses colorization on its obverse, the 2020 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Save the World Edition Four Seasons Coin Set comes with colorized reverse designs. The sugar maple leaf on the reverse of each of these coins has a singular colorization that showcases a different season on the calendar, with the following designs:

    • Spring – The spring coin features a brighter green on the sugar maple leaf signifying the season of new growth and rebirth.
    • Summer – For the summer release, the green has taken on a richer look as the tree matures with warmer weather and more rain.
    • Autumn – In the fall design, the leaf takes on a red hue that signifies the rich beauty of fall foliage.
    • Winter – Each year the leaves eventually turn a darker red or brown before falling from the trees, and that is the exact colorization taken on in the winter design.

    Packaging and Release Details

    All 2020 Save the World Four Seasons Coin Sets are available with wooden display boxes that include a Certificate of Authenticity. The coins are all Brilliant Uncirculated specimens from the respective mints that have been enhanced with the colorization by a separate, third-party dealer to create a collectible set. There is an issue limit of only 2,000 sets per release.

    Collect Save the World Four Seasons Sets through JM Bullion

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