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    Uncover The Mysteries of King Tut with a Unique Puzzle Coin

    Posted on February 04, 2022

    Ancient Egypt is one of the most fascinating human civilizations to study. From feature films and novels to textbooks in schools, the stories, beliefs, and culture of the Ancient Egyptians have captivated the imagination for thousands of years. Even in the modern era, the beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians fascinate the mind. The discovery of tombs of the pharaohs is often the most exciting finds, with the discovery of King Tut’s tomb 100 years ago being one of the most important. JM Bullion is proud to offer investors and collectors some of the staples of the bullion industry on a regular basis, but we also like to provide unique coins from around the world. One of our newest World Silver Coins comes from the African nation of Djibouti.

    King Tut Obverse

    The obverse side of the 2022 500 Gram Antique Djibouti Silver 100 Years of Tutankhamun Puzzle Coins comes with various features. The most stunning of these is the antiqued, silver Mask of Tutankhamun. This design at the center accurately replicates the appearance of the mask from the sarcophagus that held the body of King Tut. The immediate field around King Tut features hieroglyphs on 24-karat gold pieces, with a surprise hidden beneath that reveals even more detail.

    Coat of Arms Reverse

    On the reverse side of the 2022 Antique Djibouti Silver Tutankhamun Puzzle Coin is a depiction of the national coat of arms for Djibouti. Known officially as the Republic of Djibouti, the seal of the nation features a shield with a spear at the center that is immediately flanked by hands clutching battle swords. Around this, olive branches form a complete circle with a star atop the spear. The identifying hallmarks of the coins are all featured on this side.

    Puzzle-Piece Feature

    Going back to that obverse design field. As you first view the coin, the silver Mask of King Tut is surrounded by 24-karat gold clad pieces. However, these five individual pieces are removable and reveal an antiqued silver background around the Mask of King Tut that maps out the various rooms discovered within King Tut’s tomb in 1921.

    Details of the Release

    The coins in this release are housed individually in themed boxes with fold-open flaps that reveal the beautiful puzzle coin within. The release is limited to just 500 coins in total and features the five, removable puzzle pieces that each have 24-karat gold layering. The overall coin has 500 Grams of .999 pure silver, 16.075 Troy oz of silver. The face value is issued in Francs and the silver portions of the coin have an antique polish applied.

    Background on King Tut

    One of the most fascinating factors about Ancient Egypt is the detailed stories of its long history. Though lots of stories have survived through the course of human history, it is often left up to scholars and scientists to decipher which of these stories are true. The world had long been aware of rumors of a Boy King in the history of Ancient Egypt, but it was the discovery of King Tut’s tomb in 1922 that solidified the reality of a child taking control of one of the world’s great empires and civilizations.

    Uncover Some of King Tut’s Treasures for Yourself

    Ancient Egyptian lore tells of terrible curses that befall those who disturb the tombs of the pharaohs. Rest assured, there’s no such curse awaiting you with these beautiful puzzle coins. JM Bullion customer service is available at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, and via our email address. You can also follow us on Facebook and read our weekly blog posts for more information on new and upcoming products.

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