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    A Fresh New Look for the JM Bullion Website

    Posted on June 18, 2018

    At JM Bullion we’re constantly tweaking the layout, usability, and convenience of our website to ensure it is user-friendly for all of our customers. Sometimes a few tweaks here and there just can’t keep up with the times though, which is why we’re pleased to give our dedicated customers a brand-new online experience.

    JM Bullion’s new website recently launched. This fresh take on our website boasts enhanced usability and streamlined navigation, with extra features available that boost the online experience. In an effort to deliver the best experience possible for each and every customer, we’ve also launched a new mobile version of the site that includes a modern navigational structure. Take a moment to learn about all the new features of our redesigned site before you shop online.

    Greater Convenience on Desktop


    The new offers a wider page format and catalog design. This new format makes browsing and shopping our palladium, platinum, silver, and gold for sale feel effortless. Navigation through the new site is easier courtesy of a new mega menu that keeps all the key options visible on the page at once, so you’ll do less clicking to move from one page to the next.


    A new floating header keeps a product search bar and your current cart items at the top of each page as you scroll down or click from one page to the next. This allows you to quickly start new searches and view selected items without scrolling back to the top.

    The floating header also contains the spot prices of silver, gold, platinum, and palladium so you always know what’s moving up and what’s headed down. Some of the other new features of note you’ll find in our new site include:

      • Mini Cart: You can now see what’s in your cart at all times and even view a running subtotal for your current selections without leaving the product page you’re viewing.


      • Price Protection Timer: JM Bullion already has a 10-minute Price Protection timer that locks in the price for your products while you shop. The new website keeps this time visible during checkout.


    • My Account: There’s an all-new layout to account pages that is cleaner and easier to follow. You can quickly look up your order history with JM Bullion to, view the status of pending orders, manage shipping addresses, and change payment methods. All order receipts and statuses are now printer-friendly as well.

    Fast, Modern Navigation on Our Mobile Site

    The redesigned mobile site at JM Bullion focuses on modern navigation greater responsiveness when scrolling or selecting products. The primary focus of our redesign was speed. Each page now loads faster so you can shop quicker. A new flyout menu makes navigating our mobile site more efficient as well, getting you to the exact page you want from anywhere on the site with greater ease. Other enhancements for the mobile site include:

    • Improved visibility of spot prices (including platinum and palladium)
    • One-Touch Call Us button at the top of every screen

    Brand-New Options: Purchases under $99!

    To date, JM Bullion has had a minimum order when buying gold and silver through our online catalog. As of the launch of our redesigned website, we’re pleased to announce that this minimum has been removed. We’ll now be accepting purchases under $99! These smaller purchases will be subject to a $3.99 fee for shipping. Now you’re free to buy in bulk or get that one specific collectible item under $99 you’ve been waiting to buy!

    Speed and Efficiency for JM Bullion Customers

    At JM Bullion, we’re always working to provide our customers with a better experience. With our redesigned website now live for customer use, we’ve achieved one of our primary goals as a company: serving our customers better. Enjoy a faster shopping experience with fewer clicks required and greater efficiency as you buy precious metals from JM Bullion.

    All Market Updates are provided as a third party analysis and do not necessarily reflect the explicit views of JM Bullion Inc. and should not be construed as financial advice.