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    Continued Growth at Scottsdale Mint Results in the 2017 DRC Silver Water Buffalo Coin

    Posted on July 28, 2017

    Many of the precious metal bullion coins offered in the industry today come from big-name sovereign mints. We’re talking about the likes of the United States Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Chinese Mint, and others. A few non-sovereign mints, most notably the Perth Mint of Australia, also make significant contributions.

    In the United States, there is a private mint in the deserts of Arizona making serious contributions to the diversity and quality of silver bullion coins available on the market. Scottsdale Mint, situated in the posh Phoenix suburb of Scottsdale, produces not only a variety of its own unique products, but also strikes bullion coinage for sovereign nations.

    A movement that began in 2015 with the Congo Silverback Gorilla coin has proven immensely popular for the mint, leading to continued growth. One of the newest coins available from the mint is the 2017 Democratic Republic of Congo Silver Water Buffalo Coin. Learn more about this exciting new product below!

    The 2017 DRC Silver Water Buffalo

    In this one coin you’ll find a variety of exceptional design features in the refining and minting process. With a concave design, crisp edges, and a river-rock pattern on the reverse, the new 2017 100 Gram DRC Silver Water Buffalo Coin represents a unique investment option for silver bullion enthusiasts.

    JM Bullion carries the Scottsdale Mint’s latest silver bullion coin in BU condition. Coins in this condition exhibit no signs of wear and tear from handling, but there is always the potential for minor flaws as a result of coining. These include the potential for breaks in the luster, spotted surfaces, or contact marks.

    Each 2017 Silver Water Buffalo Coin:

    • Arrives inside of single protective plastic capsules or mint tubes including 7 coins.
    • 1st release of the planned series of Silver Water Buffalo Coins!
    • Limited mintage of only 30,000 coins!
    • Each coin contains 100 Grams (3.215 Troy oz) of .999 pure silver.
    • Bears a face value of 50 Francs backed by the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
    • DRC coat of arms featured on the reverse.
    • Two Water Buffalo images on the obverse.

    On that obverse face of the coin, you’ll find two Water Buffalo images. The background of the coin has a silhouette figure of one of these massive bovids. The Water Buffalo originated in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and China. Today it is found in domesticated form around the world, where it is used to till fields and provide people with access to milk that is richer in fat and protein than dairy cattle. Some 130 million domestic water buffalo are said to exist.

    In the foreground of the obverse design field you get a close-up view of the massive beasts. The right side of its face, right horn, ear, and its nostril are all visible in the foreground, with engravings in the upper left of “100 Grams .999 Silver” and “Water Buffalo” below the design field.

    The reverse side of the 2017 Silver Water Buffalo Coin bears the coat of arms for the DRC, along with a unique background finish. The coat of arms features a leopard’s head in the center, flanked by an ivory tusk on one side and a spear on the other. A ribbon surrounding the lower half reads “Justice – Paix – Travail,” which translates from French to read Justice, Peace, Work.

    Other engravings include the national name in French, “Republique Democratique du Congo,” the year of issue, and the face value. The background has a unique rocky finish that is known as a river-rock pattern.

    Quick Facts on the Democratic Republic of Congo

    The Democratic Republic of Congo, or DRC, backs these silver bullion coins. The DRC is largely landlocked in Central Africa with the exception of small strip of land connecting the country to the Atlantic Ocean between the Republic of Congo to the west and Angola to the southwest. The DRC is the second-largest country in Africa and eleventh-largest in the world in terms of area. The nation recognizes five different languages: French, Kongo, Lingala, Swahili, and Katanga. Some 82.2 million people reside in the DRC.

    Background on Scottsdale Mint

    Scottsdale Mint is an IS9001-2008 certified refining operation recognized for the quality, consistency, and innovation of its precious metal bullion products. In addition to refining its own products, Scottsdale Mint works with foreign reserve banks to produce legal tender gold and silver coins for nations around the world, including the 2017 100 Gram DRC Silver Water Buffalo Coin.

    Other Scottsdale Mint Coins

    As mentioned, the Scottsdale Mint has established connections with numerous foreign reserve banks to produce silver and gold bullion coinage. These contacts include Fiji, Congo, and Cayman Islands among many others. Examples of current Scottsdale Mint coins also available if you enjoy the 2017 DRC Silver Water Buffalo include:

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