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    Start a Fresh Collection with the New Lunar Series III Coins from Perth Mint

    Posted on September 09, 2019

    One of the hottest sellers at the Perth Mint over the last 20 years has been its lunar-themed coin programs. 1996 saw the introduction of the Lunar Series I program and it was quickly followed by the Lunar Series II collection, with each series offering fresh depictions of the 12 animals from the Zodiac. With Lunar Series II concluding with the 2019 date mark, the Perth Mint now launches into yet another new era with the release of the 2020 Year of the Mouse coins in the Lunar Series III collection. Whether you missed out on the previous collections or simply want to grow your existing lunar coin holdings, the Perth Mint has 12 new designs coming in the next decade that are sure to attract bullion enthusiasts.

    2020 Lunar Series III Silver Coins

    The Lunar Series III collection launches with the 2020 Year of the Mouse bullion coins. The series features artwork from Ing Ing Jong once again. She has been responsible for the designs in the lunar collections from Perth since the 2013 Year of the Snake release in the Lunar Series II collection. Ms. Jong again offers distinctive designs for the respective silver and gold coins.

    On the reverse of the new 2020 Australian Lunar Mouse Coin is a depiction of two mice on a corn stalk. The duo has peeled back the husk of the corn to expose the kernels inside for a tasty treat. Engravings on this face of the coin include the Chinese symbol for mouse and “Mouse 2020.”

    Each of the silver coins for sale in the Lunar Series III collection boasts .9999 pure silver content. Available sizes in the Lunar Series III silver bullion range include 1/2 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, 5 oz, and 1 Kilo coins. The coins are available in Brilliant Uncirculated condition from the Perth Mint.

    2020 Lunar Series III Gold Coins

    The 2020 Year of the Mouse gold bullion coins are also available in a variety of weights with a distinctive design. Ms. Jong has chosen to feature just one mouse on the reverse of the 2020 gold bullion coins in the Lunar Series III collection. This mouse is depicted standing amidst a group of wheat stalks as it reaches up one particular wheat stalk with its front paws. Engravings again include the Chinese symbol for mouse and the words “Mouse 2020.”

    The gold coins for sale in the Lunar Series III collection favor a greater offering of fractional weights. Included weights in this release are the 1/20 oz, 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/2 oz coins, along with 1 oz and 2 oz gold coins. These coins all feature .9999 pure gold content and arrive in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

    Queen Elizabeth II’s Latest Effigy Arrives

    In 2018, the Perth Mint began to release its newest effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse of select bullion coins. By 2019, the mint was more widely using the latest portrait of Her Majesty on its bullion coins. This came with one notable exception: Lunar Series II coins. In order to ensure that all releases in the Lunar Series II program (2008-2019) had the same obverse imagery, the mint continued with Ian Rank-Broadley’s fifth-generation Australian design of the Queen.

    With the release of Lunar Series III coins, the Perth Mint now features Jody Clark’s sixth-generation portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse of its lunar products. Here, the Queen is depicted in right-profile relief with her shoulders and neckline visible in the design field. She wears the Royal Diadem crown on her head, earrings, and the Victorian coronation necklace. This is the first portrait to include the Queen’s shoulders and neckline on an Australian coin since 1966.

    New Security Features for Lunar Series III Coins

    On the reverse design field of select weights in the series, the Perth Mint has introduced a new security feature to its Lunar Series III coins. There is a micro-engraved letter within the reverse design elements that is visible only under magnification. This security element is found on the 1 oz and 2 oz gold coins, as well as all the weights available from JM Bullion in the silver collection. There is a limited mintage 10 kilo coin in the series that does not feature the security element.

    Packaging and Mintage Information for Lunar Series III Coins

    All of the individual bullion coins in the Lunar Series III collection, both silver and gold, are available with a protective acrylic capsule. The fractional-weight gold coins are also available in rolls of 20 coins. The 1/2 oz silver coin is available in boxes of 100 coins, while the 1 oz silver coin combines all three options (capsule, rolls of 20, boxes of 100). The 1 oz gold coins are also available in capsules, rolls of 20 coins, or boxes of 100 coins. 2 oz gold coins are only available individually inside of capsules.

    Most of the coins in the Lunar Series III program have an unlimited mintage figure, indicating the Perth Mint will produce the coins until the end of the 2020 calendar year and then declare final mintages. The 1 oz gold coin has a mintage limit of 30,000 coins and the 1 oz silver coin a mintage limit of 300,000 coins.

    A First in the Perth Mint’s Lunar Series Collections

    As the Lunar Series III Year of the Mouse Coins roll out, keep an eye out for the latest addition to the collection. For the first time ever, the Perth Mint will issue a 1 oz platinum coin in the series. The platinum bullion coins will share the same design as the gold bullion coins. The platinum coin will have an extremely limited mintage of just 5,000 coins and bear the new authentication feature on its reverse design field as well.

    Start Your Lunar Series III Collection Now with JM Bullion

    The Lunar Series III bullion coins from the Perth Mint are now on presale with JM Bullion. If you have any questions, contact us at 800-276-6508, online through our live chat, or via our email address. Remember, you can follow us on Facebook for daily contests and postings, and read our blog every Friday for more details on new releases.

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