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    Soar High with the Gold Canadian Golden Eagle from the Royal Canadian Mint

    Posted on February 07, 2018

    The Royal Canadian Mint’s Call of the Wild Series is the purest gold bullion option available to investors right now. If the designs in this series aren’t enough to attract collectors and investors, then the .99999 pure gold content surely catches the eye. Each coin in this series contains the highest recognized level of purity you’ll find in the industry, and the Royal Canadian Mint is out with the latest design in the Call of the Wild Series.

    Call of the Wild debuted in 2014 with a Howling Wolf design. Since then, one new design is released each year in the collection leading up to the 2018 design issue making its debut. Now’s the time to soar higher and invest in the Gold Canadian Golden Eagle coin, the fifth offering from the RCM’s beautiful collection.

    The Call of the Wild Series

    Introduced in 2014, the Call of the Wild Series from the Royal Canadian Mint focuses on the amazing species that roam the wildlands of Canada from Atlantic to Pacific Coast. From the prairies and forests to the mountain highlands, Canada’s wilderness is filled with powerful predators and massive mammals that have roamed the continent for thousands of years. Each design shares a common background field on the reverse. There are a set of sound waves that emanate from the background, and each animal is featured with its mouth agape as though it is unleashing a fearsome roar, howl, or shriek. The design issues available prior to the release of the 2018 1 oz Gold Canadian Golden Eagle Coin include:

    The designs in the Call of the Wild Series have all been created by Pierre LeDuc, a famed artist working with the Royal Canadian Mint on various projects over the years. LeDuc’s designs are often focused on wildlife and nature, and his previous contributions include various designs in the Canadian Wildlife Series (2011-2013).

    All Canadian Call of the Wild Series gold coins ship inside of unique, credit-card sized Assay cards. The cards are signed by the Royal Canadian Mint’s Chief Assayer, and the coins are offered originally in BU condition. Coins in this condition show no indications of wear and tear from handling, but do feature possible flaws such as breaks in the luster, spotted surfaces, and contact marks.

    The 2018 Golden Eagle Coin

    In the fifth release of the series, the first aerial predator appears in the designs of the Call of the Wild. Until this release, creatures featured in the series have been terrestrial, but now there’s an airborne predators in the form of the Golden Eagle. As with other designs in the series, only the head of the eagle is featured on the reverse design of the coin.

    On that reverse side you’ll find the head of the golden eagle with its beak open as it shrieks aloud, no doubt sending out its call to warn competitors in the area. The soundwaves appear in the background once again, with the engravings of “Canada” above the design, and “Fine Gold 99999 1 oz Or Pur” below the design field.

    The Royal Canadian Mint’s enhanced security feature is also included on this side. The matte-finished, micro-engraved maple leaf privy is in the lower-right field and includes the coin’s year of issue within. Visible only under magnification, you’ll find “18” inside the maple leaf. There is also an engraving on this face of the coin of “PL,” the initials of the designer Pierre LeDuc.

    For the obverse of the coin you’ll find the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty’s portrait is currently on its fourth-generation depiction, which was created in 2003 by Susanna Blunt. When she created the fourth-generation portrait in 2003, Blunt became just the second Canadian artist in Royal Canadian Mint history to design a monarch’s effigy. Engravings on this face of the coin include “Elizabeth II,” “2018,” “D.G. Regina,” and “200 Dollars.”

    About the Golden Eagle

    There are a total of 74 species of eagle alive today. The vast majority, 60 to be specific, are from Eurasia and Africa. Beyond this region of the world, there are only 14 species of eagles that include 2 in North America, 9 in Central and South America, and 3 in Australia. Among North Americans, the two eagle species from the continent are well known. America’s bald eagle is the national symbol, while Canadians are familiar with both the bald eagle and the golden eagle.

    Golden eagles are the most widely distributed species of eagle in the entire eagle family. The golden eagle is known as a symbol of courage and power due to its size, impressive aerial skills, and prowess as a hunter. Early Romans were familiar with the golden eagle and often associated the species with the god Jupiter. In fact, numerous legions within the Roman Army used the golden eagle as an official emblem.

    In the Northern Hemisphere, the golden eagle’s range is contained predominantly within the western mountainous regions of both the United States and Canada, extending down into northern Mexico at the tail end of the Rocky Mountain range. For example, the Golden eagle is found year-round throughout the western US states of California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. During its summer breeding months, the golden eagle is found as far north as Alaska and through the Canadian territories of British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon, and Northwest Territories. The migration period of the year can also take the gold eagle as far east as portions of Ontario and Quebec.

    The Royal Canadian Mint

    Founded in 1908, the Royal Canadian Mint served numerous purposes for the people of Canada and its burgeoning, independent government. Located in Ottawa, the Royal Canadian Mint’s initial responsibilities included refining gold from the discovery of the yellow metal in the Yukon Territories. In fact, the Royal Canadian Mint produced much of the gold bullion bars the United Kingdom used to pay off its World War I debts. Of course, the Royal Canadian Mint’s role included producing coinage for the nation.

    Today, the Royal Canadian Mint is one of the most respected in the world. Its Canadian Maple Leaf Series is one of the most visible in the industry, and it now coins bullion and circulation currency from the federal capital city of Ottawa at its original facility and at its new Winnipeg facility.

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