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    Simpsons Coins Continue to Delight Collectors

    Posted on August 05, 2022

    Western Australia’s Perth Mint has found a popular design niche over the last several years. TV’s longest-running animated series, The Simpsons, celebrated a milestone in 2019. Perth Mint reacted to that milestone with the introduction of officially-licensed Simpsons bullion coins. Rather than making it a one-year release in honor of the longevity of the series, Perth Mint has continued to introduce new designs, weights, and versions in this series. This week, let’s take a look at some of the newest Perth Mint silver bullion options available.

    Two Bart Simpson Coins

    Perth Mint has recently introduced not one, but two, Bart Simpson-themed coins. Both items are issued on behalf of Tuvalu, with a 1 oz silver bullion coin and a special 1 oz shaped, colorized silver coin that starts the Mini Series of Simpsons coinage. The 2022 1 oz Tuvalu Silver Bart Simpson Coin is a Brilliant Uncirculated specimen that follows a similar guideline to other Perth issues of Simpsons bullion.

    These 1 oz silver coins feature a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse, with a depiction of Bart Simpson on the reverse sticking his tongue out as he puts his thumbs to his ears. As for the 2022 1 oz Tuvalu Silver The Simpson Mini Series Bart Simpson Coin, Perth Mint has gone in an entirely different direction.

    The Simpsons Mini Series coins are shaped, colorized silver coins with miniature depictions of the characters from the series. The coin itself is shaped like a miniature of Bart Simpson and includes his trademark spiked hair. Her Majesty features on the obverse of the coins, while Bart’s figure is colorized on the reverse with his red shirt, blue shorts, and yellow skin tone.

    A New Homer Simpson Release

    Like the 1 oz silver Bart Simpson coin mentioned above, the new 2022 1 oz Tuvalu Silver Homer Simpson Coin is a Brilliant Uncirculated released with a joyful image of Homer Simpson on the reverse. Here, Homer is in front-facing relief with a jubilant smile on his face and his teeth showing. Queen Elizabeth II is featured on the obverse.

    Details on the Respective Coins

    Both the 2022 Tuvalu Bart Simpson and 2022 Tuvalu Homer Simpson Coins are packaged the same by Perth Mint. These BU coins have a limited mintage of 25,000 coins per design and arrive in acrylic capsules. Multiples are packaged together in a sealed roll of 20 encapsulated coins, with a box available for multiples of 100 that holds five rolls inside. The coins have 1 Troy oz of .9999 pure silver in BU condition.

    The Bart Simpson Mini Series coin is different. Each coin is individually packaged in a clear, acrylic display that offers a base for an upright display of the coin. There is a Certificate of Authenticity available with each coin, and these specimens have a limited mintage of only 2,500 coins.

    Meet The Simpsons

    If you’ve been following the show at any point in the last three decades or already own coins from Perth Mint’s Simpsons Collection, you are probably familiar with the family. Homer Simpson is the family breadwinner, though he’s not the brightest bulb in the drawer. His wife Marge is a stay-at-home mom faced with the challenge of raising a troublemaker in their eldest son, Bart, managing the brilliance of their middle child, Lisa, and providing nurturing love for their youngest, Maggie.

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