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    Frazetta Silver Statues

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    Frazetta Silver Statues at JM Bullion

    Heads or Tales Coin Company’s collection of silver statues is truly the most diverse in the industry right now. Their designs range from those celebrating famous bullion coin programs, the Coins of the World Series, to the Silversmith collection that focuses on the many stories from the Christian bible. The Frank Frazetta collection of silver statues focuses on one of America’s greatest graphic artists, a man who dominated the science-fiction and fantasy art field for decades.

    There’s another factor that makes the Frank Frazetta Silver Statues collection from HotCo even more unique though. The pieces, all available for individual purchase, are ideally designed for use on a chess board and have been assigned a role on the board matching their design. From the lowly, hardworking pawn to the majestic Queen, learn all about the Frazetta Silver Statues from HotCo that are available now from JM Bullion!

    Who is Frank Frazetta?

    One of the United States’ most recognizable science fiction and fantasy artists, Frank Frazetta created a variety of artworks for mediums ranging from comic books to the cover of fantasy novels. Frazetta is one of America’s most iconic science-fiction and fantasy artists. Throughout his life he worked with directors and producers such as George Lucas and Clint Eastwood to create some of the iconic character images you’ve seen in film and writing in the 20th century.

    The Frazetta Silver Statues

    The Frank Frazetta Legacy Collection comes to life in a brand-new way in a beautiful chess set. Many of his greatest works are reimagined as the iconic pieces of a chess set. Each statue in the six-design release features an antique finish, which is a proprietary polish of HotCo applied to silver statues to provide age and a beautiful patina to the overall appearance. The casting of each statue is limited, and there are three different sizes available.

    The Atlantis Silver Statue represents the pawn, and as the smallest piece on the chess board has a 4 oz weight. The Huntress (knight), Death Dealer (bishop), Egyptian Queen (Queen) and Barbarian (King) all have a 6 oz weight, while the Silver Warrior (Rook) comes in at 8 oz of actual silver content in total.

    All of the Antique Finish Frazetta Silver Statues in the chess collection ship to you inside of a protective box, and includes a numbered Certificate of Authenticity that aligns with the number applied to the bottom of these statues. A full set in the collection would include 168 ounces of pure silver and include 16 Atlantis, 4 Silver Warrior, 4 Death Dealer, 4 Huntress, 2 Egyptian Queen, and 2 Barbarian pieces.

    The Silver Warrior Silver Statue (Rook in Set)

    If there’s one design from Frank Frazetta that deserves credit for his impressive career, it is the Silver Warrior. Created as the cover art for the paperback version of “Conan the Barbarian,” this design is credited with not only launching his career to new heights, but also for changing the sword and sorcery artwork genre.

    His Silver Warrior design was created for the cover of the paperback version of the fantasy story “Conan the Barbarian.” Following the book’s release, Frank’s popularity skyrocketed and demand for his work was immense. In his original artwork, the Silver Warrior is clad in armor and riding on a sled pulled by a team of bears. The 8 oz Antique Finish Silver Warrior Silver Statue captures the warrior with sword in hand as he rides his sled into battle fully clad in his armor.

    Background on the Heads or Tales Coin Company

    Heads or Tales Coin Company, also known as HotCo, brings the age-old art of sculpting to life in a way that other modern mints and refineries cannot accomplish. These second-generation mint masters are producing a total of six incredible statues in the Coins of the World collection. More information on future silver statue designs will be available as those products are released for sale.

    Get Your Frazetta Silver Statues from JM Bullion

    Please feel free to contact JM Bullion customer service with any questions you have about these Frazetta Silver Statues. Our team is available to answer your questions on the phone at 800-276-6508, online through our live chat, and via our email address. You can visit our Payment Methods FAQ page for quick answers to any inquiries about payment methods and purchasing minimums.