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    Sunshine Silver Rounds

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    Sunshine Silver Bullion Rounds

    Sunshine is a mint based out of Idaho in the United States and seeing as they are the number one supplier of silver blanks to the US Mint for coin-making, it comes as no surprise that they also produce silver rounds. Their company is headquartered in one of the most silver-rich regions of North America and has been for quite some time now.

    Our Sunshine silver rounds vary in size and design though every coin contains the Sunshine mintmark, as well as the one troy ounce and .999 purity indication. Also present on Sunshine silver rounds is  a security marking which helps you guarantee that the round you have is 100% authentic.

    About Sunshine Mint

    Sunshine Mint is a North American-based company and is the number one supplier of blank silver coins for the US Mint. These blanks, as you might have guessed, are then turned into the silver coins minted by the US Mint each and every year. Being that they are one of the US Mint's top suppliers it goes without saying that Sunshine is one of the most trusted mints in all of the precious metals industry.

    Sunshine is based in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, which just so happens to be one of the most silver-rich places in all of North America. They pride themselves in the quality and purity of their bars and see themselves as an industry leader in that regard.

    Silver Round Sizes

    Sunshine Mint is a large enough company that they are able to produce silver rounds in any number of different sizes, especially because they produce coin blanks of all sizes. That being said, however, the most popular of all Sunshine silver rounds is the 1 oz variety. This coin, like most Sunshine silver rounds, has the image of an attacking eagle on the front side of the coin with a sunburst present on the back side.

    Though some rounds may feature small design variations, almost all Sunshine rounds feature the simple design mentioned above.

    Security/Anti-Fraud Features

    The fact that Sunshine silver rounds are not accompanied by an assay card may be worrisome to investors, and understandably so. To quell this worry Sunshine Mint has added an anti-fraud feature that can be found on the reverse side of their rounds.

    On the reverse side of Sunshine silver rounds is a small circle which, to the naked eye, says “”Mintmark SI””; the name of the anti-fraud device itself. When you hold a Sunshine Mint decoder card up to the small circle the word “”valid”” will appear, and when the decoder card lens is tilted at 90 degrees it will show a sunburst that is identical to the others diagonally featured on the back side of the silver round.

    This is a much more advanced security feature than is present on most other rounds in the industry and, thus, is much more reliable and trusted.