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    Silverbug Silver Rounds

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    Silver Rounds from the Silverbugs at JM Bullion

    One of the more unique silver collections available to precious metals enthusiasts comes with designs inspired by a group of silver lovers. The Silverbug rounds have been in production since 2014 and feature a variety of collections. What makes the series unique is the fact that so many of the designs are the direct artwork of or inspired by the members of the Silverbug community on Reddit. These silver enthusiasts arguably represent the only group of silver lovers with collections of silver for sale in their name. Find out all about Silverbug silver rounds now!

    Silverbug Fairy Silver Rounds

    The first Silverbug silver round to feature was the Ariana Fairy design in 2014. Following the release of Ariana, the series grew to include a total of four different fairy designs. The obverse side of each round depicted a new fairy, with the following designs created (in order):

    • Ariana: The debut issue in the Silverbug Fairy collection, Ariana reflected the beauty and value of silver in her figure and is a favored design among the Silverbugs.
    • Archer Fairy: The second release in the Silverbug Fairy collection was that of the Archer Fairy. She seemed similar to Ariana in beauty and grace, with the added power of a quiver full of arrows and a bow she was wielding in preparation of firing an arrow.
    • Alyx the Fairy: Alyx was a distinctly different design in the collection. While the two previous fairies appeared demure, though strong, Alyx was mischievous in nature and was depicted held down by chains. To many, Alyx herself represented silver as it waited for its moment to once again burst to new high levels as it had down during the Great Recession.
    • Tree Fairy: The final Silverbug Fairy silver round is known as the Tree Fairy and depicts a smaller fairy almost subservient to a mystical tree in front of her. The tree’s roots and limbs surround the fairy throughout the design field.

    Silverbug Finding Silverbug Island Rounds

    Building upon the success of the Silverbug Fairy collection, the Finding Silverbug Island collection debuted in 2015. The collection comes with a planned total of eight designs, and through 2018 the following designs have debuted in the series (in order):

    • 2015 Welcome to Silverbug Island: The initial release featured an obverse design with a ship sailing on the waters and a massive compass in the background field almost playing the role of the sun on the horizon. There is an open treasure chest on a small island in the foreground.
    • 2016 Kraken: The second release featured the famed Kraken, a mythical beast feared by sailors around the world for centuries as a creature from the depths capable of swallowing ships whole. In this obverse design, a Kraken emerges from the depths to do just that!
    • 2017 Mermaid: For the third release, a mermaid descends to the depths of the sea past a sunken ship to capture treasure from beneath the waves.
    • 2018 Leviathan: The latest release depicts the Biblical beast known as the Leviathan, another massive sea creature capable of terrorizing sailors and sinking ships with the greatest of ease.

    Minting History

    Many Silverbug silver round collections are struck with various options available and distinct mintage figures. For example, the Silverbug Fairy silver rounds come with 1 oz silver and 5 oz silver rounds that contain .999 pure silver. These rounds had proof and antique options for buyers. The Finding Silverbug Island collection had only 1 oz silver rounds available, but did feature BU, proof, and antique options to attract both investors and collectors to the series.

    Buying Silverbug Silver Rounds from JM Bullion

    For those with questions as they shop silver rounds, JM Bullion customer service is available to help answer any inquiries. Our team is available to you at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat service, and via our email address.