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Silverbug Rounds

There’s no question that the Silverbug rounds available from JM Bullion are among the most interesting and unique in today’s precious metals marketplace. While the vast majority of silver rounds available today come from a singular source, created by the artists and engravers at a mint, the origins of Silverbug rounds are entirely different.

JM Bullion is proud to carry three varieties of Silverbug silver rounds in its online catalog today. First introduced in 2014, these Silverbug rounds represent the love of silver and artistic creativity of an online community of silver enthusiasts. Continue reading to learn more about the collection of Silverbug rounds available from JM Bullion.

Silverbug Fairy Silver Rounds

Introduced in 2014, the Silverbug Fairy Silver Rounds were the first designs from the Silverbug Reddit community. These rounds were originally produced by the North American Mint, and currently include three total designs. Common features of the Silverbug Fairy Silver Rounds include:

  • 1 Troy oz or 5 Troy oz of .999 pure silver.
  • Two different versions: proof and antique.
  • New obverse design with each release.
  • Common reverse design feature on all three rounds.
  • Ship in Air-Tite plastic capsules.
  • Limited mintages often set at 10,000 for 1 oz Proofs, 2,500 for 1 oz Antique, and 1,000 (or less) for 5 oz Proofs.

As the first release in the Silverbug Fairy Silver Round, the 1 oz Silverbug Ariana Fairy Silver Round debuted in 2014 with great interest in the silver market. All of the rounds featured an obverse design of the silver fairy known as Ariana. The reverse of each round featured the scarab bug design that includes the atomic number and symbol of silver in the center.

The second release in the Silverbug Fairy Round series came a year later in 2015 with the unveiling of the 1 oz Silverbug Archer Fairy Silver Round. On the reverse face of these rounds, the North American Mint continued the use of the scarab bug design featured on the first release.

However, the obverse of the silver round featured a new fairy design. An archer fairy was featured above the globe with a quiver full of arrows and a bow in which she was drawing back a single arrow to fire.

The most recent release in the Silverbug Fairy Silver Round series features an all-new design and even a new take on the scarab bug, not to mention a new minting partner for the Silverbugs. Released in 2016, the 1 oz Silverbug Alyx the Fairy Silver Round features the mischievous depiction of Alxy the Fairy, who is only temporarily held down by chains. It is reflective of the manipulators holding the silver market in check.

Although the concept came from the Silverbug community, as with the first two designs, this specific design for the Alyx the Fairy Silver Round came from noted science-fiction and fantasy artist.

On the reverse face of the round, a new interpretation of the scarab bug came courtesy of famed Italian sculptor and engraver Luigi Badia. He hand-carved the scarab bug for this side, giving it exceptional brilliance and depth.

The 1 oz Silverbug Alyx the Fairy Silver Rounds, again available in 1 oz proof, 1 oz antique, and 5 oz proof, had limited mintages and were produced by a different mint. The Osborne Mint, America’s oldest private mint, struck these rounds for the Silverbug community.

Silverbug Robo Bug Round

An altogether unique Silverbug round in the collection from the North American Mint, the Silverbug Robo Bug Silver Round was a one-time release that came in 2015 shortly after the 1 oz Silverbug Archer Fairy Silver Round. Not affiliated with the Silverbug Fairy Silver Rounds, this design features the same reverse use of the scarab bug.

However, on the obverse there is a unique bug that resembles a robotic machine in appearance. The round was named the Robo Bug to reflect the design elements used on the obverse face.

Welcome to Silverbug Island Silver Rounds

Another series in the Silverbug round catalog is the Welcome to Silverbug Island collection of rounds. Introduced in 2015, the series is scheduled to feature a total of 8 different round designs. To date, two designs have been released in the Welcome to Silverbug Island, with both released by the North American Mint in 2015.

The first release in the series was the 1 oz Finding Silverbug Island Silver Round. Representative of its name, the obverse side of the round featured a traditional compass key found in the legend of any sailor’s map. The primary design field included a pirate’s galleon as it sailed in search of treasure on Silverbug island.

On the reverse face of the round was a design theme that would become the standard imagery used on the reverse of all rounds in the series. The reverse includes a different galleon shipwrecked on Silverbug island. The rounds had a similar mintage level to other Silverbug rounds, with 1 oz proofs set at a maximum of 10,000 rounds.

In the second release of the Welcome to Silverbug Island, the 1 oz Silverbug Kraken Silver Round debuted with one of the ocean’s most feared creatures as the primary design set on the obverse. The Kraken has been detailed in the stories of sailors dating back thousands of years and crossing cultural boundaries from the Norse Vikings to pirates of the Caribbean Sea.

On the obverse of the 1 oz Silverbug Kraken Silver Round is the image of a Kraken as it attacks a sailing galleon, its massive tentacles engulfing the whole of the ship and preparing to haul it down to the depths of Davey Jones’s locker. The reverse face of the round features the same imagery found on the first release in the series.

Who are the Silverbugs?

The Silverbug Reddit community is an online group of silver enthusiasts. Devout collectors of and investors in all-things silver, the Silverbugs use a Reddit community to share information on silver round, coin, and bar releases, and even provide their own user reviews of authorized dealers and sovereign mints alike. The Silverbugs created the concepts and contributed to the imagery of all the silver rounds that bear their name.

Purchasing Silverbug Rounds from JM Bullion

When you’ve found the Silverbug round that attracts you the most to its design, JM Bullion makes it easy to complete your purchase from our online catalog. We accept a wide variety of payment methods to streamline the purchasing process, fulfill orders quickly, and offer free shipping so you can get your products as affordably as possible.

JM Bullion accepts credit and debit card purchases from Visa, MasterCard, and American Express users. The average credit/debit card transaction processes within one business day, and has a $100 minimum. Paper checks offer higher minimum and maximum purchase amounts than credit/debit cards, but also take 4 to 6 business days to process.

Bank wire transfer and Pay Pal fund transfers are our most flexible payment methods. These options offer immediate processing of your payment and come with the highest maximums we offer. Once your payment has processed with any form, we release your products to our shipping queue.

As soon as your products are fulfilled, they are boxed in discreet packaging and handed off to either the United States Postal Service or UPS for shipping. JM Bullion is happy to offer you free standard shipping and insurance with your purchase of Silverbug rounds. If your packages are lost or stolen, we’ll work to secure replacements, find your missing products, or arrange for a refund of your purchase price.

For additional information on available Silverbug Rounds from JM Bullion, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service department. You can reach us on the phone at 800-276-6508, connect with us online through our live chat, or email us directly.