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    Scottsdale Mint Silver Rounds

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    100 Gram Scottsdale Stacker Silver Round (New)
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    5 oz Scottsdale Stacker Silver Round (New)
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    Scottsdale Mint Silver Bullion Rounds

    The Scottsdale Mint of Arizona has one of the most diverse, and growing, catalogs of silver and gold precious metals products. Although it is an authorized dealer of sovereign coins and secondary seller of other precious metal products, it is also expanding its own lineup of precious metal bars, coins and rounds.

    Scottsdale Mint’s lineup of silver rounds is growing, and it is currently anchored by one of the most intriguing silver rounds available on the marketplace. JM Bullion is a proud dealer of Scottsdale Mint silver rounds, which you can now find in our online catalog.

    Scottsdale Mint Stacker Silver Round

    Investors, in particular, crave precious metal products that have value due to their silver or gold purity, but want a product that is easily stacked and stored. For these individuals, silver rounds are less about brilliant design and display than they are a means of storing wealth in a proven commodity.

    The Scottsdale Mint Stacker Silver Round Series answers this call with a one-of-a-kind design you aren’t likely to find from another mint’s round series. With so many different designs and brands currently available for precious metal investors, Scottsdale Mint had to think outside the box in the design of its in-house silver rounds.

    Each Scottsdale Mint Stacker Silver Round shares a number of features regardless of its size and weight, and these include:

    • Each contains .999 pure silver.
    • Obverse of all features a 3D design of the Scottsdale Mint lion’s head logo.
    • Reverse bears the same design, but with a concave striking.
    • Stackable rounds share the same dimensions, with the exception of thickness.

    What sets the Stacker Silver Round from Scottsdale Mint apart from other options is the ability to stack rounds of different weights together in one pile. The rounds are available as 100 Gram, 2 Troy oz, and 5 Troy oz specimens. Each round has the same dimensions in terms of diameter, so from the top each looks to be the same size.

    The primary difference in the rounds comes when you view them from the side. The depth of each round is different, the 5 Troy oz round boasting the greatest thickness compared to the thin design of the 2 Troy oz specimen. Each one has the same diameter dimensions because it enables the 3D design of the Scottsdale Mint logo to interlock with another round whether you are stacking two 5 Troy oz rounds together, or one round from each weight category.

    Interlocking Design

    The Scottsdale Mint Stacker Silver Round features the same design concept on both the obverse and reverse side. The mint’s official logo is that of a male lion’s head, which boasts a crown at the very top. This image is engraved in contrasting convex and concave fields on the obverse and reverse, respectively.

    As a result, you can stack a 5 Troy oz round on the bottom of a pile, with its convex obverse face pointing upward and place a 100 Gram round directly on top of it, locking the reverse of the 100 Gram round onto the obverse of the 5 Troy oz round. The Scottsdale Mint’s convex obverse face fits perfectly inside the concave reverse of other rounds, again, regardless of size.

    To further enhance the interlocking nature of the rounds, both sides have engraved radial lines that alternate between raised and lowered surfaces. This allows a group of stacked rounds to lock together so they not only don’t tip easily, but also won’t shift around on their axis easily either. The entire design, from 3D imagery to radial lines, is designed to ensure stability when the Scottsdale Mint Stacker Silver rounds are piled up in storage.

    Scottsdale Mint Design

    On the obverse face of each round you’ll find the 3D, convex image of the Mint’s official logo. The lion’s head used in the logo design is imposing as its icy glare stars back at you. Only the radial lines exist on the obverse in addition to the lion’s head feature.

    The reverse face of each Scottsdale Mint Stacker Silver round bears the same mint logo, along with engraving surrounding the outside that identify the round’s weight, purity, metal content, and the identity of the mint.

    Background on the Scottsdale Mint

    Based in the suburban Phoenix city of Scottsdale, Arizona, the Scottsdale Mint is a private minting company that produces silver and gold bars, silver rounds, and also silver sovereign coins under contract for other nations. It does not produce American coinage as that is the exclusive responsibility of the United States Mint.

    Scottsdale Mint is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, and many of its hallmarked products are available for use in Precious Metal IRA accounts. Most importantly in the modern era, Scottsdale Mint is committed to environmentally responsible sourcing of its bullion. In particular, a portion of its silver bullion is sourced as recycled material from the photographic and manufacturing industries.

    Purchasing Scottsdale Mint Silver Rounds from JM Bullion

    If the Scottsdale Mint Stacker Silver Round looks like the perfect product for your investment portfolio or personal collection, JM Bullion offers a variety of payment methods for you to complete your purchase today. We accept credit/debit cards, paper checks, Pay Pal transfers, and bank wire transfers.

    Visa and MasterCard credit/debit cards are the only credit card services JM Bullion currently works with, and each takes up to one business day to process. If you’d like to pay by paper check, you’ll enjoy a 4% discount compared to credit and debit card purchases, though your check will take four to six business days to process.

    Pay Pal and bank wire transfers are the latest offering from JM Bullion, which streamline the purchasing process. Both offer instantaneous processing, which releases your products to our fulfillment queue faster than other methods. Once all payments have cleared, your products are boxed in discreet packaging by our shipping department to protect the identity of the contents within.

    JM Bullion is happy to offer all of our customers with free standard shipping and insurance on purchases over $199, though expedited shipping is available for an extra charge if you wish to receive your products sooner. All shipments are handled by the United States Postal Service or UPS, and JM Bullion will work to replace any lost, stolen, or damaged items.

    If your items suffer damage or become lost during shipping, we’ll first work with the carrier to retrieve your packages. If supplies remain for the products you purchased, we’ll send you a replacement of any lost or damaged items. Short of that, JM Bullion will provide you with a refund of your purchase price.

    Should you have further questions regarding Scottsdale Mint products or JM Bullion policies, please don’t hesitate to ask us directly. You can reach a JM Bullion associate on the phone at 800-276-6508, connect with us online using our live web chat, or email us directly with your inquiries.