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    NTR Silver Rounds

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    NTR Silver Bullion Rounds

    NTR, also known as North Texas Refinery, is a worldwide company who produces all types of precious metals. Though “”Texas”” might be in their name, NTR is located in over 70 different cities both around the United States and the world. They operate in the production of both silver bars and silver rounds and produce these products in a number of different sizes. NTR goes to great lengths in order to produce silver bullion of the highest quality and that is part of the reason why they are one of the most respected mints in all of North America.

    Our NTR silver rounds come in a variety of different sizes with rounds having a variety of different designs. Every NTR round has both the NTR name and mintmark present on the front, coupled with the weight and .999 purity indication.

    About NTR

    NTR boasts themselves as being one of the largest precious metals refineries in all of the world, having a strong foothold in both North America and Europe. Their company is constantly expanding, evident in the fact that it seems like new NTR locations are popping up every month. They refine precious metals such as a gold and silver for any number of different people and industries, and are a trusted name across the board. NTR is a privately-owned company which serves over 20,000 different businesses ranging in size from small to large and spanning across a number of different industries.

    As far as silver rounds produced in North America are concerned there are very few with a higher quality standard than what you will find with NTR products.

    Silver Round Sizes

    NTR produces a variety of different sized rounds, though the most common has to be the 1 oz silver round. The 1 oz NTR Buffalo round has reached its astounding level of popularity due to the fact that it is made to resemble an old US coin. Though the round itself carries no value as legal currency, its design makes it an important piece of American silver bullion history.

    Though there are plenty of other companies out there producing silver rounds, there are few who meet the quality standards that NTR has imposed on themselves and their products. For this reason, investors seeking out high quality silver rounds produced in North America rarely need to look any further than NTR.