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    Get Moonstruck with the First Design in the Lisa Parker Collection

    While many investors tend toward silver bullion coins or bars, there are those that enjoy the quality of .999 pure silver content with the collectible appeal of distinctive designs. Anonymous Mint excels at producing silver rounds that offer appeal to both investors and collectors. Each round features .999 pure silver and each individual collection includes distinct designs with low mintage figures. Following in the footsteps of the Alphonse Mucha Collection and Amy Brown Collection, the new Lisa Parker Collections brings the designs of a new artist into the spotlight on a series of beautiful silver rounds. Learn all about the first release in the collection, Moonstruck, here at JM Bullion!

    The Moonstruck Design

    The debut design of the new Lisa Parker Collection is Moonstruck. With the Earth’s moon rising high into and dominating the sky in the background field, the Moonstruck design captures the image of a girl and wolf in profile looking at each other eye to eye. The duo exchange tense glances at each other and are portrayed in the woods. The illumination of the moon sheds light on Moonstruck, with an evergreen forest visible in the distant background as the stylized trees in the near-background field bend with the edges of the round to frame the pair. The girl wears a cape with a hood and has long brunette hair.

    A Shared Reverse – Wild One

    Although there are six different designs for the obverse of Lisa Parker Collection silver rounds, you’ll find only one design on the reverse of all the issues. This collection features the image of Wild One on the reverse of all rounds. Wild One depicts the front-facing image of a majestic wolf’s head. Behind the wolf is the figure of a five-pointed star and leaf-less trees fill the background. The lower right includes the initials of Lisa Parker as an interlocked “LP.”

    Packaging, Mintage, and Options

    The Lisa Parker Collection follows the popular path of other issues from Anonymous Mint. With each of the six designs, the mint offers the imagery on the surface of three different 1 oz silver rounds and three different 5 oz silver rounds. The common proof in each weight has frosted design elements and mirrored background fields. The antique option for each weight has the appearance of ancient coinage with an engaging luster that comes from the proprietary polish applied by the Anonymous Mint.

    Additionally, these rounds are available in both weights as colorized proofs. A layer of colorized lacquer is applied to select design elements on the obverse of Moonstruck to capture the designs as Lisa Parker originally created them in pastels or watercolors. For example, the girl on the obverse has fair skin, blue eyes, and wears a red-hooded cape. Her long, brunette hair flows down her shoulders in a deep shade of brown. The wolf on the obverse has shades of brown and grey in its fur with blue eyes and the illumination of the moon glinting off its nose in a blueish hue.

    Exclusively Available from JM Bullion

    If you want to buy silver in the Lisa Parker Collection, you’ll find each round design available only at JM Bullion. We continue our exciting partnership with the Anonymous Mint in this new six-round series. Please feel free to reach out to our customer service team with your questions. JM Bullion team members are available at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, and via our email address.