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    Stare Up at the Moon with the New Moon Gazer Release in the Lisa Parker Collection

    The Lisa Parker Collection of silver rounds from Anonymous Mint offers six unique and stunning designs from the portfolio of works she’s created throughout her career. The designs in this series reflect her passion for nature and wildlife, as well as her interest in the mystical realm. With each new design, collectors are offered the chance to purchase a distinctive piece of artwork that Lisa Parker created that showcases a combination of her passions. The third release in this collection is known as Moon Gazer and offers what may be the most peaceful scene in the series to date.

    The Moon Gazer Design

    While none of the works to feature in the Lisa Parker Collection could be described as “frightening,” certainly the first two releases offered a bit of foreboding (in the case of What Lies Within) or a general sense of unease. The new Moon Gazer Silver Rounds, on the other hand, present the viewer with the peaceful and serene setting of green rolling hills with the moon looming large overhead. In the foreground, a rabbit gazes up at the moon as if pondering what this massive celestial body represents.

    On the obverse of all Lisa Parker Collection Moon Gazer Silver Rounds, the rabbit is depicted in the foreground with its ears pinned back and its head arched up ever so slightly as it gazes toward the moon. Fine lines are visible in the round’s strike that represents the fur on the rabbit’s body. The rolling field of green offers another textured surface to the design element with a small patch of flowers present in front of the rabbit’s body. All versions of the silver round have a flat surface for the sky in the background with the craters of the moon and a handful of stars offering texture to this portion of the surface area.

    Of course, the reverse face of the Lisa Parker Collection Moon Gazer Silver Rounds continues with the use of the Wild One design. This common design element for the entire six-round series depicts a wolf’s head in front-facing relief with a five-pointed star behind it and barren trees that curl toward the center of the design.

    Options in the Moon Gazer Release

    The Anonymous Mint follows the same release pattern for the Lisa Parker Collection Silver rounds with each design. With each design, the mint offers 1 oz silver rounds and 5 oz silver rounds. In both weights, you’ll find a proof, antique, and colorized proof option to choose from when buying silver. The proof rounds have frosted, matte design elements with mirrored background fields. The antique rounds have frosted visuals for the designs with rustic, polished background fields for a distinctive appearance.

    The colorized proof rounds in the Moon Gazer release maintain a mirrored, silver background field. Lush colors come into the design for the rolling hills of green and the beautiful blue flowers. The rabbit’s fur is a mixture of brown hues and the moon has subtle shades of white and blue across its surface. There is no colorization on the reverse design field. Additionally, all Moon Gazer Silver Rounds have the “LP” initials of Lisa Parker on the reverse field as its common throughout the entire series. Those initials are located to the lower-right below Wild One’s face and near the engravings of the weight, purity, and metal content.

    Packaging Information for Lisa Parker Collection Silver Rounds

    All of the Lisa Parker Collection silver rounds, regardless of weight or version, are individually housed inside of protective plastic capsules. The rounds are available with an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity that reflects the specific serial number of that round. Mintage for the Lisa Parker Collection is lower than the average Anonymous Mint series. The 1 oz proof and colorized proof rounds have a mintage cap of 750 rounds per design, while the remaining four options in each release are capped at just 250 rounds.

    Partnerships behind the Series

    The development and production of Lisa Parker Collection silver rounds is the culmination of various partnerships. The Anonymous Mint’s Lead Coin Designer, Julie Lindquist, selected each of the six designs to feature in the collection. From there, the mint worked with Italian Master Sculptor Luigi Badia to procure hand-sculpted dies of each design to use in the coining of the rounds. Anonymous Mint then partnered with Osborne Mint, the oldest private mint in the United States, for the physical striking of the silver rounds. Finally, Anonymous Mint and JM Bullion have teamed up to provide the exclusive release of each design to JM Bullion customers first when each design is ready for release.

    Buy Lisa Parker Rounds Exclusively from JM Bullion

    JM Bullion is the best place to get your hands on Lisa Parker Collection Moon Gazer Silver Rounds the moment they are available to purchase. If you have any questions as you buy silver, please contact us at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or simply send us an email.