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    Run Wild with the Apache Release in the Lisa Parker Collection

    The Lisa Parker Collection has surpassed its halfway point with the release of the new Apache design in the series. The fourth of six planned designs, Apache follows in the footsteps of the previous issues in this silver round collection by combining figures from the natural world with minor elements of the mystical realm. Each of the works of art featured in this collection to date has included animals in the obverse design and the new Apache release is no different. Learn all about the new Lisa Parker Collection Apache Silver Rounds now!

    A Feel of the American Southwest with the Apache

    On the obverse side of the new Lisa Parker Collection Apache Silver Rounds, you’ll find the image of two horses standing in a grassy field at the base of a mountain. The distant background of the design field includes a dominating mountain peak that is dotted with trees, while tall prairie grass is visible immediately behind the horses. The scene depicts an adult horse with a young colt or mare. The adult has feathers woven into its mane and two stripes of paint on its body just below the neck. The younger horse is depicted nestling up to the larger one with its head resting against the neck below the head of the adult.

    The appearance of Apache in this series brings a feel of the American Southwest. Various indigenous tribes in North America would apply war paint not only to themselves, but also to their horses during conflicts. It was also common for feathers to be woven into the mane of the horse. The two stripes on the adult horse in the Apache design were common symbolism among Apache and other native tribes in North America. Known as thunder stripes, the symbol was used to please the god of war as a warrior rode into battle.

    Of course, the reverse side of the Lisa Parker Collection Apache Silver Rounds continues with the design of Wild One. Included on this side of the rounds are the initials “LP” for Lisa Parker. This design element is used on all rounds released in the Lisa Parker Collection.

    Availability and Packaging

    The Anonymous Mint designed the rounds in this series and America’s oldest private mint, Osborne Mint, handled the coining of the products. Italian Master Sculptor Luigi Badia hand-sculpted the blanks used in the production of each round in the series. Anonymous Mint offers each 1 oz silver and 5 oz silver round in the collection with a protective plastic capsule and a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. The COA features the same unique serial number laser-etched onto the edges of the individual rounds in this series.

    While Anonymous Mint commonly adopts very low mintage figures for its silver round collections, it goes a step further in this release with what it calls a micro-mintage. The 1 oz proof and 1 oz proof colorized options have a mintage of 750 rounds, while the 1 oz antique, 5 oz proof, 5 oz antique, and 5 oz proof colorized rounds have a mintage of just 250.

    The Different Visuals in the Apache Release

    Like the three designs to precede this issue, Apache Silver Rounds in the Lisa Parker Collection come with proof, antique, and colorized proof options. The proof rounds have matte design elements overlaying mirrored backgrounds. The antique release may be the most unique in its ancient appeal, with a rough, matte finish. The proof colorized rounds have a colorized lacquer applied only to the Apache design element on the obverse. This brings the appearance of the horses to life, including the white-and-brown hair patches on the horse and the bold red stripes on its body.

    Purchase Exclusively Through JM Bullion

    As each silver round in the Lisa Parker Collection is released, you’ll find the designs are only available to purchase from JM Bullion. If you have questions for our customer service team regarding these rounds, please feel free to ask. You can call us at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or email us directly.