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    All Lisa Parker Silver Rounds

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    All of the Lisa Parker Collection Rounds from JM Bullion

    For a third time since 2017, JM Bullion partnered with the Anonymous Mint on the production of an exclusive silver round series available first to our customers. The collectible Lisa Parker Collection of silver rounds followed in the stylistic footsteps of the Alphonse Mucha and Amy Brown Series previously offered in an exclusive partnership between JM Bullion and the Anonymous Mint. The same weights and styles were available for each release with only the mintage figures adjusted for this latest collection. Learn about the works of Lisa Parker through the Lisa Parker Collection at JM Bullion.

    Silver Round Options and Styles

    As with previous exclusive partnerships between Anonymous and JM Bullion, the silver rounds in the Lisa Parker Collection are available from the Anonymous Mint in 1 oz and 5 oz silver weights. For each weight, you will find the designs available in proof, antique, and colorized proof options. The proof is a traditional finish with mirrored fields and frosted design elements, while the antique is a matte finish with old-world charm.

    The colorized proof is the standout offering in the series. Ms. Parker created all of her original works using watercolors, so the obverse designs of the colorized proofs combine the visual contrast of frosted designs and mirrored fields with the exact colorizations that Ms. Parker used when developing these designs at various stages of her career.

    Lisa Parker Collection Packaging and Mintages

    The silver rounds for sale in the Lisa Parker Collection are all available to purchase with individual packaging. You will find that each round, 1 oz or 5 oz, comes with an individual protective plastic capsule courtesy of the mint. The rounds all have a unique serial number that is laser-etched onto the edge and reflected on the Certificate of Authenticity included with your purchase. As for availability, each one of the options has varying mintage figures that include the following:

    • 1 oz proof: 750 rounds
    • 1 oz colorized proof: 750 rounds
    • 1 oz antique: 250 rounds
    • All 5 oz options: 250 rounds

    Lisa Parker Collection Designs

    Similar to other releases from the Anonymous Mint, the Lisa Parker Collection offered fans of her work and collectors at large with six designs to choose from when buying silver rounds. Lead coin designer Julie Lindquist of the Anonymous Mint hand-picked the six designs to feature in this series, with the following images offered (in order):

    • Moonstruck: The first design depicts a young woman reminiscent of Little Red Riding Hood gazing directly into the eyes of the wolf with the two depicted in profile relief as the moon rises in the sky in the distant background
    • What Lies Within: There’s a more haunting design for the second issue as a black cat sits on the stone wall outside a small house. The door of the house is open just a crack and an eerie light from within, combined with the gaze of the cat, warns the passerby that this might not be a house worth visiting.
    • Moon Gazer: For the third release, Moon Gazer showcases a rabbit in a springtime field at night as it sits with its ears pinned back as it looks up at the moon.
    • Apache: In the fourth release of the collection, a mother horse is featured with her young colt standing in the opening of a mountain forest. The young colt nestles up close to the body of its mother for warmth and protection at night.
    • Power of Three: In the penultimate release there is a group of owls. Owls are viewed in many ways by varying cultures to include as symbols of wisdom or harbingers of death. In the Power of Three design, you’ll have to assume the owls are a symbol of wisdom. The trio is perched closely together on a small wooden branch.
    • Snow Kisses: In the final release, two wolves are shown in the opening of a snowy field in a pine forest. While one of the wolves is lying down, the other is standing behind it nuzzling its head against the head of the other

    While the Lisa Parker Collection silver rounds have distinctive obverse designs, you will find a singular reverse design throughout the collection. Known as Wild One, the reverse showcases a wolf’s head in front-facing relief with a five-pointed star in the background and barren trees curved to frame the design element.

    Background on Lisa Parker

    Lisa Parker has worked with various mediums throughout her artistic career, from crayons as a young child to oils, pencils, and watercolors as she matured and her artistic style came into focus. Her works always focused on natural settings and animal wildlife, and as she matured she began to mix her love of the mystical realm into each one of her designs.

    About the Anonymous Mint

    The Anonymous Mint is what many refer to as a boutique mint. It produces only silver rounds with its own design choices featuring on the rounds. Figures it has featured over the course of time include Blackbeard, Medusa, the so-called Mucha Women, and the fairy-themed artwork of Amy Brown.

    Collecting Lisa Parker Collection Rounds with JM Bullion

    Many of the designs in the Lisa Parker Collection at JM Bullion are still available to collect today. If you are a fan of her works or just enjoy collecting unique silver items, this is the series for you. Please contact JM Bullion if you have any questions by calling 800-276-6508, chatting with us live online, or simply sending us an email.