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    Lisa Parker Silver Rounds

    The Lisa Parker Collection – A JM Bullion Exclusive!

    Anonymous Mint is famed for its low-mintage silver rounds with beautiful designs and limited availability. Collections previously offered include the Alphonse Mucha and Amy Brown Collections, with both series focusing on some of the most well-known artists across various genres. There’s a new collection now available from Anonymous Mint, and once again the silver rounds are available to purchase exclusively from JM Bullion. Explore the designs of the new Lisa Parker Collection from the Anonymous Mint right now!

    Designs in the Lisa Parker Collection

    The Lisa Parker Collection debuts with the image of Moonstruck. In a design reminiscent of the ancient tales of Little Red Riding Hood, this captivating design depicts a young girl and a wolf nose to nose and eye to eye. The young girl wears a hood over her head to conceal her hair and the wolf has a piercing gaze as he stares back at the girl. Behind the two in the distant background is an evergreen forest with nearby trees bending to the curvature of the round in a beautiful stylization of the artwork. Rising into the sky in the background is the dominating figure of the moon.

    In the colorized version of the Lisa Parker Moonstruck Silver Round, you’ll find the colorized lacquer applied to the girl and the wolf. The wolf has shades of brown and white in its fur with deep blue eyes and a streak of black and blue on the nose. The girl has fair skin with brunette hair and a sharp, red hood.

    The Lisa Parker Collection features a total of six designs in all. Included in the collection, in order, are the following Lisa Parker designs:

    • Moonstruck (November 2018)
    • What Lies Within (January 2019)
    • Moon Gazer (March 2019)
    • Apache (June 2019)
    • Power of Three (September 2019)
    • Snow Kisses (November 2019)

    Common Reverse Design

    For the reverse side of all rounds in the new Lisa Parker Collection, you’ll find a singular design used across all rounds and all six designs. The round design features the artwork known as Wild One. This piece of work is one of her most popular pieces and depicts the image of a majestic wolf’s head in a front-facing design. There is a five-pointed star behind the wolf’s head and a forest of leafless trees in the background.

    Availability of Lisa Parker Collection Rounds

    As with previous issues, the Lisa Parker Collection’s six designs are available in an array of options for silver investors and collectors. With each design, the Anonymous Mint releases a 1 oz silver round in proof, antique, and colorized proof choices. Additionally, there is a 5 oz silver round available for each design in the same three options. All silver rounds in this series have .999 fine silver with sculpting completed for the dies by Italian Master Sculptor Luigi Badia.

    The Lisa Parker Collection from the Anonymous Mint has some of the lowest mintage figures available in any series from the mint. The mintage caps for each type of silver round include:

    • 1 oz proof – 750 rounds
    • 1 oz antique – 250 rounds
    • 1 oz colorized – 750 rounds
    • 5 oz proof – 250 rounds
    • 5 oz antique – 250 rounds
    • 5 oz colorized – 250 rounds

    Each of the individual Lisa Parker Collection silver rounds for sale come with a protective plastic capsule for individual packaging. The rounds all come with individual serial numbers on the rim of the round and a matching Certificate of Authenticity from the Anonymous Mint that has the matching serial number included. You’ll also find the Lisa Parker logo on the back of each individual COA.

    Who is Lisa Parker?

    Lisa Parker began drawing as soon as she could steadily hold onto a pencil. Her two passions in life have proven to be drawing and nature, both of which she brings together in her works. Many of her early works were completed as pastels before she began to work with watercolors instead. Her early career included 8 hours of work each day and 4 hours of painting each night. Eventually, she made her mark in the field of mystical and magical art with works that include a vast combination of nature and mystical beasts. The new Lisa Parker Collection features six of her greatest designs. Lisa studied and completed her education in Natural History Illustration at Bournemouth & Poole Institute of Art & Design. Today, her works are found on countless licensed products from shirts and calendars to phone cases. She is considered one of the top current artists in the genre of fantasy.

    The Anonymous Mint

    One of America’s finest boutique mints, Anonymous Mint has established itself as the go-to private mint for unique and distinctive silver round programs. Lead coin designer Julie Lindquist is behind the conceptualization of many of its programs, and in the case of the Lisa Parker Collection, she hand-picked the designs to feature in this beautiful six-round series. In addition to silver rounds, Anonymous Mint issues copper rounds as well and focuses on other genres such as Norse Gods and Bitcoin designs.

    Purchase Exclusively at JM Bullion

    The new Lisa Parker Collection is now available from Anonymous Mint, and at JM Bullion we’re proud to be the exclusive release partner. With each new design struck and issued for this collection, you’ll find them available only at JM Bullion when the designs hit the market. If you have any questions about the silver for sale in this exciting new series, please don’t hesitate to ask. JM Bullion customer service is available to you at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, and via our email address.