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    1 oz Silver Legalize It Round (New)
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    The Legalized Collection from Blockchain Mint

    The Legalized Collection is a series of silver rounds offered by the Blockchain Mint and each issue represents one of the US states and nations around the world that have taken the step of legalizing recreational cannabis use. Learn all about this ever-growing collection now!

    About the Legalized Collection

    The Legalized Collection from Blockchain Mint is designed to represent each individual US state and sovereign nation featured in the series with its own, unique design. In the case of US states or territories, the reverse design field offers a version of the official seal for that jurisdiction. However, each seal has been tweaked to include elements noting the adoption of legal recreational cannabis. In the case of states and territories that use legislation to complete the change, that legislation and the date of its approval are inscribed along with the altered seal.

    Each of the 1 oz silver rounds in this collection represents a US state or territory that has legalized recreational cannabis, while the 5 oz silver rounds are reserved for sovereign nations that make the move. Both options come with proof and antique versions of each design. The proof rounds have frosted design elements with mirrored background fields, while the antique versions feature a brushed, matte appearance to the visual fields.

    The Blockchain MInt has limited mintage figures for each design split across the proof and antique versions. All 1 oz state silver rounds have a limited mintage of 500 rounds each for the proof and antique in a given design, totaling 1,000 rounds in all for each state. The nations have a total mintage of 250 rounds per design for a total of 500 for that national design. All individual rounds are housed inside of blisterproof cards that include certificate information.

    The States

    The Blockchain Mint Legalized Collection launched with designs for nine US states and Washington DC, all of the jurisdictions that had legalized recreational cannabis at the time the collection was introduced. Again, each of these states and the District of Columbia have their own unique designs in proof and antique versions. The available US states to date include:

    • Colorado: Mile High territory was the first to see recreational cannabis use legalized. Colorado, together with Washington, put measures on the 2012 midterm ballots for the voters in each state to decide. Colorado was the first to pass its measure with Amendment 64 changing the state constitution to legalize recreational cannabis. The design in this series depicts the state seal of Colorado with a cannabis leaf in the lower half of the shield.
    • Washington: Like Colorado, voters in the state of Washington had the opportunity to change course and legalized cannabis use for recreational purposes. Initiative 502 was passed by the voters in an election cycle that garnered 81% turnout among eligible voters in the state. The state seal of Washington features a portrait of President George Washington, and in this design, it features the President with a joint in his mouth.
    • Oregon: The next election cycle in the United States saw two more states join Colorado and Washington in legalizing recreational cannabis use. Oregon and Alaska both passed ballot measures during the 2014 midterms. Oregon’s Measure 91 passed with voter approval and the design here includes a hand holding a cannabis leaf above the state seal, with a banner reading “Return to Nature.”
    • Alaska: Voters in the state of Alaska also passed a ballot measure in 2014 with Measure 2 allowing residents 21 and older the right possess up to one ounce of cannabis and own six plants. The move ended Alaska’s long battle over recreational cannabis that saw it legalized in 1975, criminalized in 1990, legalized in 2003, and re-criminalized in 2006. This design of the state seal replaces the Northern Lights with a cannabis leaf rising over the horizon backed by rays of light. A gold panner in the foreground has a joint in his mouth.
    • Washington DC: The District of Columbia also passed a ballot measure in the 2014 midterm elections, but Initiative 71 has still yet to take full effect in the federal district. Because it is a federal district and not a state, the federal government has used strongarm tactics in Congress to threaten to block funds to DC if the measure is initiated. Nonetheless, a robust “gifting” system has sprung up allowing people to get recreational cannabis. The seal of the District of Columbia is featured here with George Washington and a female figure holding the scales of justice, one side of which is weighed down by cannabis.
    • Nevada: The state of Nevada has a new boom that will put casinos to shame. One of four states to pass ballot measures in the 2016 election cycle, Nevada plans to use the tax profit from legalized sales of cannabis to fund educational initiatives throughout the state. With the passage of Question 2, Nevada became the fifth state to legalize recreational cannabis use. The intricate state seal design here replaces the silver miner bringing a load of ore to a refinery with a farmer bringing his crop of cannabis to the “HEMP” barn.
    • Massachusetts: The hotbed of the revolution when America threw off the shackles of British colonialism, Massachusetts was the sixth state to legalize recreational cannabis with passage Question 4 at the ballot box in 2016. The state seal design here has been radically altered to feature a colonial-era Minuteman with his rifle in one hand and a joint in the other as he takes full advantage of the state’s legal cannabis sales.
    • Maine: The northeastern United States has proven a curious enclave when it comes to the legalization of recreational cannabis. While Vermont is alone, to date, in the approach it used to legalize cannabis and Massachusetts legalized cannabis at the ballot box, Maine’s movement was the first to be nearly overturned following a recount. The margin of victory for Maine’s Question 1 was just 50.26% and it triggered a review, but following a failed push by opponents, a full recount was never pursued. Maine’s state seal is altered in this design to include a cannabis plant in place of the state tree in the symbol.
    • California: If the voters in Maine kept it close at the ballot box, the people of California made it clear they were ready for legalized recreational cannabis. Prop 64 passed on election day in 2016 with the greatest margin of victory in any state to date, with 57% of eligible voters approving. California’s legal recreational cannabis market immediately became the largest in the world. The Great Seal of California is altered on this round to include a cannabis leaf.
    • Vermont: The state of Vermont was the ninth US state to legalize recreational cannabis, but it took a much different path to success. While the previous eight states and Washington DC all put it to the voters with ballot measures, Vermont’s legalization of recreational cannabis went through the legislature and was begrudgingly signed into law by the governor.

    As mentioned earlier, the Legalized Collection is an ever-growing series. As more US states move to legalize recreational cannabis, Blockchain Mint will add new designs in their honor to the collection. Right now, a design is in the works for the state of Michigan. Voters in that state passed Proposal 1 during the 2018 midterm elections, but the measure goes into effect in stages. First up, Michigan residents can possess and smoke marijuana, but cannot grow it or sell it legally just yet. Michigan is the first state in the Midwest to legalize recreational cannabis.

    More recently, Illinois joined the roster of US states legalizing recreational cannabis. Governor J.B. Pritzker signed legislation in June 2019 legalizing the sale, possession, and use of recreational cannabis set to take effect January 1, 2020. Illinois is the second state to use legislative initiatives rather than the ballot box.

    The Countries

    To date, Blockchain Mint’s selection of 5 oz silver rounds in this series includes only Uruguay and Canada. Uruguay was the first nation to legalize the recreational use of cannabis on a national scale, and was swiftly followed by Canada. Since these two nations took that step, several other nations have started to move in the same direction by legalizing recreational cannabis in various forms. The list of nations currently working on legislation or working on ballot measures includes Luxembourg, New Zealand, Israel, Thailand, South Korea, and Mexico.

    Brief History of Cannabis in the United States

    Massachusetts was the first state in the United States to take any sort of action against cannabis use. The state made cannabis use illegal in 1911. California was the first state to legalize the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes in 1996, and that was followed by Alaska and Oregon in 1996. Maine became the fourth state to do so in 1999. Today, a total of 33 US states allow for the medicinal use of cannabis to treat the symptoms of various forms of cancer and provide pain relief for a variety of other diseases. Oregon was, notably, the first state to take any action to legalize cannabis for recreational purposes when it decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana in 1973. With Michigan and Illinois joining the ranks of states legalizing recreational use, there are now 11 US states that allow for recreational cannabis, as well as Washington DC.

    Purchase Your Legalized Collection Silver Rounds from JM Bullion

    As each new round in the Legalized Collection is released, you can expect to find those products for sale with JM Bullion. If you have any questions about buying silver, please feel free to reach out to us at 800-276-6508. You can also connect with us live online through our web chat or simply send us an email with your inquiries.